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Best Chest Tattoos - Jaw-Dropping Ink Masterpieces

Riley Davis Update on 29-03-2017
Best Chest Tattoos - Jaw-Dropping Ink Masterpieces

These staggering chest tattoos for men leave almost no room for negative critique. I have been following the fashion (especially tattoo clothing and inspired styles) & trends in tattooing  now for quite a few years our tattoo pages in the US, UK and Germany & all over the world but never it's never been so obvious that owl tattoos besides the not so soon to be dying skull & wing designs were dominating the tattoo trend. I couldnt mind less seeing all these staggering owl creations & motives, could you?

The chest is also used by many men to illustrate a portrait of their parents and other family members. Whatever you decide to get on your chest always do research diligently so that you dont waste precious skin like Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake with his 4-digit chest piece...neither do you want to run around the beach with your Mom on the right side of your chest looking like a Zombie & your Daddy looking like the living dead unless you are into the Day of the Dead style, do you? ;-)

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Does a chest tattoo hurt? This is a very subjective question and tough to reply to...every person has different pain points and for some it hurts more than for others. Often people even feel pain after taking off the tattoo bandage but that isnt more painful than a sunburn and will fade off after a day or two. Read the comments for other people's opinion but nevertheless if you decide to get a tattoo make sure you did your research on the artists skills for your exact style (Portrait, Realism, Trash Polka, Black & Grey). Most artists claim they can do them all but that isnt the case for 95% of the artists. They might get it done somehow but not with the same skill level as they can do other styles. It usually takes years to master a style in perfection but all techniques is almost impossible. Some tattooist might specialize in color tattoos and you would expect them to do a top notch black 'n grey tattoo but if they have little idea on how to do deep black shading then you wont be as happy with the results. Obviously it depends on the price the tattooer charges but still never ever assume without doing intense research beforehand...


Chek out these stunning chest tattoos below from a couple of the best artists in the world. The first "Icarus" tattoo by Florian Karg is still in progress but already divines to become something outstanding...a few push ups later and the boy will also be ready to wear one of our tattoo-related muscle fit tank tops ;-)

This outstanding owl chest tattoo by Matt Jordan from New Zealand is easily one of the coolest pieces I have seen this year 2013. It just blew me out of my socks to say the least. I am not sure if it can be done much better - close to flawless if you ask me?! I am pretty sure if you have trust issues about by whom to get your family or owl portrait as chest tattoo a flight to wonderful New Zealand will be the best decision you can do...assuming you get an appointment & the flight tickets...

owl tattoo matt jordan

Finished Owl Tatoo by Matt Jordan...I would probably stare at its beauty all day although not gay^^

Tattoo Inspired Hoodies

This chest or rather full front body tatoo by Nikko Hurtado might be well known these days thanks to the virality of Facebook, nevertheless always great to look at...


The 5th tattoo in our series of Killer Tattoos 2013 is one of the greates most original designs of the well-known by See No Evil Speak No Evil Hear No Evil Skull Tattoo by a superb artist Carl Gracef :-/

Source Facebook - Artist name: John Anderton in the UK

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Cool Graphic Tees for Men

Source Facebook - Artist name: Unknown (Shame on me)

Source Facebook - Artist name: Unknown (Shame on me)

Tattooist: Nico MetalInk

Kyle Cotterman

Kyle Cotterman - One of the great US artists out there, his style is vibrant & colorful and very artistic which he also illustrates on several cool Tee designs. So if you cant get a chance to meet and tattooed by him you can still get a Kyle Cotterman design on your body. Thanks to Ink Addict Apparel you will find plenty of other stunning artwork on tees, sweaters & hoodies made by top artists in the USA.Dan Yakoklev

Dan Yakovlev - No doubt one of the very best eastern European Tattoo Artists. There are many of them here in Eastern Europe such as Russia, Hungary, Czech etcf but too little is known or reported at least not in English. This full front body master piece doesnt need much words.

Tim Kern - Another US artist with a drive to Old School Tattoo style. His chest tattoo is def one of his masterpieces and went viral after sharing on on our tattoo page. Join us if you like...

Emily Rose - Havent heard of her much before but this front body old school tattoo is almost flawless.


kid kros chest tattoo pocket watch wings

Artist: Kid Croc

Emrah Köse Deer Hands tattoo

Emrah Köse from Turkey is a really great artist in Europe as he has proven over & over again,

Sean Herman Skul chest tattoo

Sean Herman's colorful & vibrant Skull chest/stomach tattoo is just outstanding



Artist: Matteoo Pasqualin Sex in heart tattoo

Update 1

We added 3 more outstanding chest tattoos that we think deserve to be on the list of the best Chest (with breast) tattoos 2015. Find them below, we will update this blog post every here and there so make sure to visit us or subscribe to our blog to not miss any of our upcoming Best of Tattoos & Updates. We have a few more best of lists such as Best of Galaxy Fashion Print Pattern Tattoos, Best of Hand/Finger/Palm tattoos, mind-blowing back ink, best snowboarding, skiiing, skateboarding & surfing tatoos and a few more on our Rebelsmarket Lifestyle & Fashion blog. If you love wicked atrwork and are a fan of Alice in Wonderland other cartoons you gotta check out our cool Disney Punk Rebels in Goth Fashion, Heavy Metal Tops or Rock style corsets & dresses now

sexy Chest Breast  Octopus/Kraken Tattoo for women

Incredible yet super sexy looking Chest/Breast/Cleavage Octopus/Kraken Tattoo for women

most stunning, realistic baby chest portrait Tattoo in bird perspective by Zhivko

This is my personal favorite baby portrait tattoo of all times. Very stunning, impressive & realistic baby chest portrait Tattoo, which was tattooed in 3D style from upper angle bird perspective by Top Tattooist Zhivko.

Chest Tattoo by Zombie Boy Rick Genest (aka Ricky the Zombie)

Chest Tattoo by Zombie Boy Rick Genest (aka Ricky the Zombie) - If you are fan of this cool dude who has a skeleton tattoo all of  his face & body you will love our affordable graphic hoodies and tees as well.

Let us know what tattoo design you got, how painful your chest tattoo has been while being inked and afterwards in the comments? Pls forgive my igorance for forgetting theit names...feel free to add them in the comments, tag the tattoo artists or owners to let them know...Enjoy