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How To Dress Alternative At Work, School Or When It Rains

Elisa B Update on 19-11-2017
How To Dress Alternative At Work, School Or When It Rains

Back to work, back to school, back to cold and rainy days! Even if we're back to the normal life, we still want to be alternative and express ourselves through our looks, right? The best way to dress in this weather is the layering technique. Do we want to look boring with that beige cardi and a sad sad dress? Of course not! Rebel is our motto and that's what we're gonna show in our alternative outfits!

Crop Top Outfit

Layer your tank top with a crop top and throw a cardigan on it! Leggings will complete this outfit and you will look amazing. Too cold? We've got you covered! Wear the scarf as well and you're ready to go (to the Antarctic).


Misfits Tank Top - Striped Sheer Crop Top - Pink Metallic Leggings - Punk Unique Style Cardigan Sweater - Black Purple Furry Neon Hooded Scarf

Teenage Dream Socks Outfit

College revival anyone? I know you love your thigh-high teenage trend! We can make it work with a casual dress and that edge that only Rebels have!


Black Velvet Tunic Top - Black White Tie Dye Pantyhose Tights - Sour Puss Bloody Hell Socks - Skull Baggy Hoodie Coat - Loose Fit Skull Print Long Pullover

Skinny Jeans + Skirt Outfit

And when it's really cold, we get serious about layering! Have you ever tried layering a skirt on skinny jeans? I have, and I must say that is the most warm and cozy thing in the world! You could defeat -10 C° in this outfit!

Skinny Tops?

Bleach Splattered Skinnys - Chiffon Asymmetrical Long Skirt - Goth Punk Black Magic Tank Top - Camden Pullover Fleece Grey

Come rain or shine, you will be prepared! Layering lets you mix and match and free your fantasy and creativity, staying true to your alternative clothing calling. Just a quick tip: always do it in the evening; this way you're allowed to go to bed with peace of mind, happy because you know you will be edgy and alternative as your usual in the morning. It also gives you more precious sleep time in the morning! And guess what happens if you wake up to a warm day? Just leave one layer at home. And if it's chillier than expected? Throw another layer on, I'm sure it's going to look perfect!