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RebelsMarket Is Proud To Join Steven Tyler, Joe Walsh, Sheryl Crow, And Thousands Of Others At Unite To Face Addiction

Teri Bildstein October 05, 2015
RebelsMarket Is Proud To Join Steven Tyler, Joe Walsh, Sheryl Crow, And Thousands Of Others At Unite To Face Addiction

The Day The Silence Ends


RebelsMarket was proud to join the Unite to Face Addiction rally in Washington, DC. Facing Addiction, is a new, national organization that will serve as a voice for the over 85 million Americans impacted by addiction. This event was free to the public and drew thousands of people from across the country to National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, October 4, 2015. In addition to guest speakers, the rally featured performances from Joe Walsh, Steven Tyler and Loving Mary, Sheryl Crow, Jason Isbell, The Fray, John Rzeznik and More.



Jackie Siegel (aka The Queen of Versailles) attended in memory of her daughter Victoria, who lost her life to drug addiction Entire families were able to Unite to Face Addiction

The crowd in attendance new no boundaries. From celebrities like Jackie Segal, to families with small children, everyone united to state their trust that Recovery is Contagious.

Recovery is Contagious sign held above a crowd at Unite to Face Addiction


The People Behind The Event


One would think organizing an event of this magnitude would not easy. We were able to speak to Pat Taylor from the Unite to Face Addiction outreach team before the event to find out how they were able to put together a rally of this size. She stated that the attendees and grassroots organizations were so enthusiastic, they made coordination easy. Despite predictions that Hurricane Joaquin may hit DC during the time of the event, people were not daunted in their determination to attend.

She hopes lawmakers take notice of the perseverance of the addictions community and reallize that criminalizing the disease of addiction needs to change. 

We also had the opportunity to chat with Elisa Hallerman, one of the guest speakers. Elisa is a recovering addict who left her position as a Hollywood talent manager to pursue a career fighting addiction. She has opened a treatment center and works to educate people that abstaining from alcohol and drugs is not enough. She tries to promote the ideal of "soulbriety", the notion that a person needs to actual transform who they are to battle their addictions. As she states -

People don't need to be fixed, they need to heal. That takes time.


RebelsMarket spoke with Elisa Hallerman about the idea of Soulbriety. People don't need to be fixed, they need to heal.
Elisa Hallerman speaks passionately about her dream of an on-call treatement coordinator for every addict.

The Music


And of course, the music was amazing. To allow time for the guest speakers, sets were kept short and performers spoke of their own connection to the addiction community. 


Sheryl Crow sings at Unite To Face Addiction



How You Can Continue To Unite To Face Addiction


1- Follow us to see what happened! We were able to provide live updates from Instagram and Twitter during the event.

2 - Donate - To donate, text "Facing" to 41444 or visit FacingAddiction.org

3 - Share with us! Addiction impacts 85 million Americans. Help us end the silence now. Share your stories in the comment section of this blog. Tag us in your social media shares. Help us give a voice to the millions affected by addiction.


RebelsMarket was proud to join thousands of people from across the country to Unite to Face Addiction.
Thank you to Ryan Jacobson and Margeaux Britti for your assistance covering Unite to Face Addiction.


Did you attend Unite To Face Addiction? Do you have an addiction story to share or do you have words of encouragement for those fighting the disease of addiction? We want to hear from you in the comments below!