Styling A Gothic Choker

AuthorSteff GreenJuly 27, 2013

Chokers are a style of necklace that sits high on the neck, encircling it like a collar. Because they are made to fit close to the skin, a choker is often made from material such as satin or silk, rather than a metal chain.

During the French Revolution, young ladies would wear a red ribbon around their necks to symbolize those who perished on the guillotine. Ruffled collars and other neck adornments were commonly worn for three centuries before the Revolution, and the choker emerged as a combination of these trends.

During the Victorian and Edwardian eras, chokers often featured cameos – a medallion carved in ivory or porcelain and usually depicting the face of a monarch or family member.

Chokers are extremely popular in gothic and alternative fashion. They look great paired with a corset or dramatic evening outfit, and are often worn by burlesque or belly dancers as part of their stage outfits. When choosing a gothic choker for yourself, it helps to keep these things in mind:

Before you Order

Measure around your neck to get the right length for your gothic choker. You want to made sure the measuring tape is tight enough to give a good look, but loose enough so you feel comfortable. When choosing between different chokers, look for a style that comes in your size. Most sellers should list the length/size of their chokers – if not, just contact the shop and ask!

You should also think carefully about the outfits you're going to wear with the choker. Try to choose a choker with a design and embellishment that matches your wardrobe. For example, if you wear a lot of Victorian-inspired gothic clothing, then a gothic choker will suit more than a fetish or punk-inspired gothic choker.

Choosing a Choker

One of the primary considerations when choosing a gothic choker is the color. You want to be certain you choose a color that both matches your outfit (usually pretty easy if you're a goth, as it's bound to be black) but also a color that works with your skin tone. Since the choker is worn so close to the face, matching the color of embellishments such as cameos or stones to your eyes will give a startling look.

Try different colors close to your skin and choose the most flattering. Some colors will make your skin appear sallow or blotchy and these are to be avoided at all costs!

Wearing Your Choker

With the right outfit, chokers look elegant and sophisticated, and can even lengthen the appearance of your neck. The more bare skin around your choker, the more it will stand out. You can look for clothing that leaves your chest and shoulders bare – an overbust corset is great for this.

Sweetheart, V-neck and scoop neck tops also look great with a choker. Try to choose a choker design that matches the neckline – so wear a gothic choker with a point in the middle with a v-neck, and a round-shaped choker with a scoop neck.

Gothic Choker styles

There are literally hundreds of different gothic chokers available. On Rebels Market, many of our seller stock elegant, fun and imaginative gothic choker designs. Here are a few of our favorites:

Dark Desires Gothic Victorian Choker, from Alchemist's Emporium

victorian jewel gothic choker

Three black faceted stones form the focal point of this gothic Victorian choker from Alchemy Gothic. The stones are housed in delicate filigree settings, from which dangle pearl beads. A dramatic and elegant piece to wear with an evening dress or corset.

Gothic Victorian Black Velvet Red Rose Choker, from Ashes

gothic victorian cameo choker

Simple and sophisticated, this gothic choker features a red rose, encased in a Victorian cameo and hung from a black velvet ribbon. The velvet ribbon makes this a comfortable piece to wear everyday, and will add a touch of elegance to a work or first-date outfit.

Burlesque Victorian Beaded Choker, from Alchemist's Emporium

burlesque victorian choker


Stunning and dramatic, this black beaded choker will be the ideal finishing touch for your next burlesque act! Ideal for burlesque, belly dancing or dramatic photo shoots, this choker will help you shine!


Steampunk circus freak choker, from Verope

steampunk circus choker

Part of the steampunk circus collection, this ruffled choker features a band of harlequin diamonds, ivory and white lace and a cameo of conjoined twins – the ultimate in Victorian circus freaks. The perfect finishing touch on a steampunk outfit!

Skeleton Lolita Cameo Choker, from Horribell

black satin gothic lolita chokerh

A small ivory skeleton Lolita cameo adorns this elegant and simple gothic choker. Strung on a black satin ribbon, this sophisticated choker makes a great gift for a special girl in your life. Horribell also sells matching cameo Lolita accessories.

How do you style your gothic choker? What are your favorite gothic choker designs on Rebels Market?

BIO: Steff writes about gothic and alternative fashion, music, travel and lifestyle on her blog Steff Metal.

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