Body Harness

Body harnesses are all the rage right now - and it isn’t difficult to see why! They are great for layering and adding a gothic element to your look. They are also useful for adding structure and shape to your existing outfits. Sometimes called a body cage, they are great for encasing the body to create a different silhouette, just like a waist-training corset.

It’s clear that the body harness trend is not going anywhere anytime soon! Although this seems like a relatively new trend, you can see models on the runway sporting a leather gothic harness with high fashion outfits, as well as more casual gothic harness looks in the online alternative fashion community.

A body harness can be a valuable addition to your gothic clothing collection. They are great when worn over the clothing to create a striking silhouette but look equally badass when worn underneath. Stretch harnesses look great when worn beneath a little gothic dress or a simple scoop neck top. They are a robust item and a great outfit enhancer!

But you don’t have to wear a gothic harness with gothic clothing. These types of harness look great when worn with different alternative fashion looks, from Steampunk to casual Boho styles.

So if you want to buy a body harness to add a gothic element to your punk rock wardrobe, or you’re looking for a chic body cage to give trendy outfits an alternative edge - we have the body harness for you.

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How to Style a Harness - Gothic, Steampunk & Other Styles

There are generally two different types of body harness available at the moment - leather harnesses and elasticated harnesses. But since the body harness trend is a pretty new one, you might find it difficult to know what to wear with a gothic harness or a stretch body cage.

Leather gothic harnesses are generally looser fitting than the stretchy variety. And since they are made from leather, it means they have more structure than stretch harnesses. For this reason, they are great when worn over the top of your clothing, particularly loose fitting dresses or oversize t-shirts. This gives the outfit some shape and helps to define your silhouette, much like an underbust corset or waist belt.

A harness can also be a great way to add detail to a plain outfit. Try layering a leather body harness over t-shirts and gothic dresses, and finish off the look with a pair of gothic boots. They also look great when worn underneath the clothes with straps peeking out to give a subtle element of detail.

If you would rather opt for an elasticated body harness, then it is better worn against the skin. When in this form, they are sometimes called cage bras, or bralettes, and are a great example of lingerie that it's totally OK to have on show!

They are less bulky than a leather body harness, so they are great for slipping on underneath a scoop neck tank top for some added detail. Pair them with some buckled boots and a pair of gothic jeans for full bondage effect! Or, keep the look a little more subtle by opting for a flowing shirt worn open, so that the body harness can be seen just a little.

You could choose to wear a stretchy gothic harness to give detail to the neckline of a plain top or to give a completely different look to a backless dress outfit. The point here is that a body harness is an outfit enhancer - so use it to your advantage.