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Piercings & Body Jewelry

Best Selling Piercings & Body Jewelry

Spikes Yikes

Spikes Yikes

by Kissmenaughty USD $ 15.00
Body Chain

Body Chain

by Kissmenaughty USD $ 20.00
Vibrating Tharsher Blue Black
Vibrating Lix Silver
Lix Blue Vibrating Barbell
Vibrating Lix Green
Vibrating Tharsher Black White
Vibrating Tharsher Pink Barbell
Horn Skull Plug Earring Sizes 2/3/4/6mm Gauge 12/8/6/3

Horn Skull Plug..

by Tribu USD $ 18.75
Horn Plug Tunnel 8/9/10mm Gauge 0/00/000

Horn Plug Tunnel..

by Tribu USD $ 14.06
Wire Ring
Brass Plug Tunnels Black Resin Inlay 6/10mm Gauge 0/2

Brass Plug Tunnels..

by Tribu USD $ 23.44
Wire Ring

Exclusive Piercings & Body Jewelry

It’s not simply piercings, it’s a world of art. Having gone through the daring experience of piercing, you betta accessorize the best way too. Punk rock and Goth body jewelry have alluring rings that come in all shapes, colors and designs. These will allow you to stand out as unique and trendy in any outfit. Rebels Market collection of body jewelry will leave you spoilt for choice, and give you reasons to flaunt your piercings out there. Take your style a notch higher by opting for bewitching body jewelry with no boundaries. Get a glimpse of a style that allows you to express your freedom to adorn your body with what pleases your soul.

Body piercings have become more common in the recent past, with individuals exploring new soft tissues to pierce so as to express their individuality. Piercings face some negative criticism especially on the religious front but then what a good way of attracting attention? Piercings are forms of body art that will allow you to rock extraordinary ornaments, some being in exciting  body parts. Flaunt your rebellious attitudes by exploring body piercings on different body surfaces like ears, tongue, lips, navel and even genitals. Keep those heads turning by adorning your mysterious piercings with exhilarating goth, rock and steampunk jewelryRebels Market meets your needs for different styles of jewelry that you can wear, guaranteeing you comfort and healthy wearing. Spice up your bedroom romance with jewelry that goes beyond making fashion statements. You are looking into jewelry that sends strong romantic cues, and some would go further to arouse your partner, for instance the Vibrating Lix Green. Divert all attention to your nipples, and rock daring, adventurous and mystic characteristics. When others shy away from nipple piercings, be ahead of trends knowing that fashion is all about making what looks wrong be right. The Nipple Shield Dragon and the Nipple Shield Lucky 7 are a few examples to provoke your thirst for irresistible jewelry for your seductive piercings.Express your fearless nature by adorning your piercings with skulls, spiders, cats, snakes, skeletons and so much more. Let your dark side sparkle with glamour by wearing eye catching accessories that are bound to enhance your pale outfits. Don’t be left out, it is your turn now to make history. Explore your wicked style with body jewelry coming in different materials from metals, plastics, acrylics to bioplast made jewelry.


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