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Please and kindly contact us as to what color you'd like after you order, please and thank you. We shall get it to you asap E MAIL: This item comes in the colors that you see in the photo.  SHIPS SAME OR NEXT BUSINESS DAY. U.S.P.S. First Class, Domestic and International. IF you do not get back to us on color, we send what is in stock.  Please and kindly, sometimes certain colors take 15-25 business days, depending on the supplier.  Please, if you need this faster, send us an E MAIL at BEFORE you order.  Once something is ordered, we can't rush ship it.  Any rush shipping options will be a separate invoice via Pay Pal, so please, e mail us first.  Thanks.
Item will be shipped from: United States
Shipping to Cost (USD) With Another Item Delivery Estimate Shipment Method
United States $0.00 USD $0.00 USD 2-3 weeks Standard
Canada $5.50 USD $2.00 USD 2-3 weeks Standard
United Kingdom $8.00 USD $4.00 USD 3-4 weeks Standard
European Union(?) $8.00 USD $4.00 USD 3-4 weeks Standard
Europe non-EU(?) $8.00 USD $4.00 USD 3-4 weeks Standard
Australia $8.00 USD $4.00 USD 4-6 weeks Standard
Russia $10.00 USD $5.00 USD 4-6 weeks Standard
Everywhere else $11.95 USD $5.98 USD 4-6 weeks Standard


Shipping Policy HOW ORDERS ARE SHIPPED: Depending upon where the item originates from: DHL, China Post, EMS, or E-Packet, Belgium Post, Etc. You will receive a tracking number when possible.
Return Policy RETURN/REFUND/EXCHANGE POLICIES: (please read carefully prior to ordering!) All items are FINAL SALE. (With the exception of an incorrect item or damages.) We certainly do wish to be more accommodating. Due to loss of much revenue on bad returns and dishonesty, This is no one's fault. Please, no offense here. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for people not reading product details that we provide. SIZING NOTICE: Products are imported so they are mostly not sized in Western sizing and we clearly state this on our listings as well as provide size charts and measurements very clearly. EXCEPTION: Buyer received an incorrect item or the item is significantly different as described. Different as Described does NOT include slight materials change or slight variations in a garment: There are variations that can and do occur when different batches are produced. In the event you are sent an item which is SIGNIFICANTLY different than what you ordered. (I.E. a necklace was ordered and the buyer received pants, etc.) . NOTICE ON DAMAGED ITEMS: If indeed our manufacturer sent you an incorrect item OR if item comes damaged from shipping carrier, YOU MUST CONTACT US FIRST so we can do what we can to help you WITHIN 5 DAYS OF RECEIVING YOUR PACKAGE. KEEP ITEM IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGE AND DO NOT TRY ON OR WEAR the item else, we may not be able to have returned to the source location. HERE IS WHY: First, we need photos of the item in the package or what have you. We also need a clear photo of the front of the package. Again, THE ITEM CANNOT BE WORN NOR TRIED ON IN ANY WAY or it will considered used and not returnable. Next, send the pictures to OUR OWN email at It is then our job to send those photos to the manufacturer to show them proof of wrong item or any damage. Once a return authorization is approved by the point of origin, we'd get the address for you where to send the item back to. NOTICE: if any items are returned without authorizations from the manufacturer of origin, there are no refunds whatsoever and your return package will be REFUSED. EXCHANGES: Please, no exchanges. Again, we provide all size details and people are responsible for reading them before they order. We have, unfortunately, been typically getting back MANY used, badly damaged returns with the linings torn, seams blown, elastics stretched out, smell of smoke, booze, etc. Items have also been coming back to us badly worn and dirty and we cannot re-sell those. Hence, NO RETURNS.
Refund Policy All items are FINAL SALE. Please be aware there can be slight variations in our products that can occur, depending upon batches made such as zippers, fasteners, and slight variances in materials. Buttons may be slightly smaller, material may be slightly different textures. There are NO REFUNDS or FREE SHIP BACKS for items REFUSED or sent back to us as UNDELIVERABLE. Please understand we cannot assume responsibility for any address entered incorrectly or bad addresses. To avoid any kind of fraud, we ship to the address connected to the Pay Pal account the buyer uses. Else, we are stuck with charge-back issues and/or possible fraudulent purchases. Anyone who is drop shipping to another address other than the one on the Pay Pal account must let us know prior to ordering. Thank you. .

Gothic Lolita Steampunk Choker Necklace Choice 4 Colors Great Price Please Read Full Listing

Sold By Kitty'S Jewelry & Specialty Clothing
$11.00 USD
+ Free Shipping

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