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Style: Goth


This Maltease Cross ring is a definite power piece. Chunky and
direct, echoing with ancient symbology, it makes a very strong,
bold statement. Although it is most commonly associated with the modern
German military decoration, its design actually comes from the Maltese
Cross, which is a symbol of the Knight Hospitaller, who took care of
sick pilgrims to the Holy land a thousand years ago, and who later
became a military order during the Crusades. From this origin, the
symbol is still widely used all over the world by ambulance and medical
groups, as well as, ironically, various military units. It looks much
the same as the Iron Cross of the Teutonic Knights, who had a similar
medieval history,  

Here it is shown with Apache Gold gemstone (sometimes called Healers
Gold), a natural mix of iron pyrite and magnetite. It is also available
in a variety of other gemstones, and custom finishes. It is hand crafted
from Sterling Silver and is stamped on the back with the Mercurious
name and logo and 925 to guarantee authenticity

Item will be shipped from: Indonesia
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Shipping Policy We will send out after payment has been received and cleared. We will ship anywhere, at any speed..if you want to bleed for it
Return Policy We will replace or repair any item due to defective manufacture (hah!) If you break the stone, we will still repair for a nominal charge.
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Maltease Cross Sterlng Silver Ring Genuine Gems. Size

Sold By Mercurious Designs
$180.00 USD

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