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So you want to know about Egg and Chips? Fair enough, it's a pretty simple dish, easy enough to make, delicious to eat... oh wait, sorry, my mistake... you wanna know about a bit more about us! Here at Egg n Chips we're committed to providing you with high-quality alternative clothing and accessories, all stocked without compromise. If you're a fan of tattoos and all things alternative you're sure to find something you like right here; and best of all, it's cheap as chips. With a range that varies from punk clothing to rockabilly heels, we've sourced all our items from our favourite brands available; Hades Shoes, Jawbreaker, Vixxsin, Iron Fist, and Abbey Dawn to name just a few. With a website that's simple to navigate, delicious clothes on offer and cheap as chips prices, why look any further for the coolest clothes around?

Featured Items

Egg N Chips London Decorative Owl And Pendle Sign Wall Clock
Egg N Chips London Decorative Fantasy Cat And Tarot Cards Wall Clock

Bordello Shoes Teeze Red Tartan Oxford Stiletto Platforms
Bordello Shoes Red Lace Stiletto Platforms
Hades Shoes Orion Ankle Strap Platform Heels
Hades Shoes Harajuku Steampunk Platform Boots
Voodoo Vixen Emerald Peacock Skater Dress
Hades Shoes Zeppelin Stiletto Knee High Steampunk Boots
Hades Shoes Amina Red Stiletto Heels
Toxico Clothing Pink Whitetrash Underwear Set
Voodoo Vixen Turquoise Martini Flared Dress
Hades Shoes White Talon Women's Steampunk Spinal Heels
Hades Shoes Black Talon Chrome Plated Spinal Heels
Hades Shoes Morgana Metallic Steampunk Platforms

Hades Shoes Morgana..

$276.85 USD
Jawbreaker Zombie Girl Halter Neck Dress
Jawbreaker Heartless Ribcage X Ray Hoodie
Hades Shoes Amina Black Steampunk Platforms
Jawbreaker Captain's Mistress Burgundy Steampunk Dress
Hades Shoes Sky Captain Steampunk Platforms
Bordello Shoes Teeze Peacock Stiletto Platforms
Jawbreaker Luna Mother Slash Sleeve Occult Top
Hades Shoes Nephele Victorian Ankle Boots

Hades Shoes Nephele..

$199.92 USD
Jawbreaker Skully Girl Kitty Kat Hoodie
Hades Shoes Adler Dark Brown Stiletto Booties
Jawbreaker Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull Knickers
Voodoo Vixen Club Lace Flare Dress
Hades Shoes Vintage Victorian Women's Steampunk Boots

Hades Shoes Vintage..

$215.31 USD
Jawbreaker Bunny Ear Bondage Hoodie
Hades Shoes Triton Steampunk Stiletto Platforms

Hades Shoes Triton..

$196.89 USD
Hades Shoes Ana Bolena Stiletto Platforms
Hades Shoes Machina Stiletto Booties

Hades Shoes Machina..

$276.85 USD