Unleash your inner Rebel.

Flywheel Threadworks

At the core of every rider is a rebel. 

At Flywheel Threadworks (FWT) we are inspired by the intimacy of a rider's journey. We have firsthand knowledge of the connection that exists between you - the rider, your bike and the road. From the second you put your lid on to the moment you start the motor...you are in a world of your own. In that world no one tells you how to ride, how to feel, or how to live. We bikers trust our instincts.  We rely on the truth of our experiences. FWT is more than just a label. We are a mentality. We are a lifestyle. We are you.

Our clothing is worn on the backs of rebellious and restless souls – the ones who refuse to search for a place to “belong.” Instead, they hunt for terrain to rule.  

Our brand speaks to the bravehearted, the risk taker, and the freedom fighter.  Our garments shield those who crave oneness with the roads they ride and sovereignty over the lands they dwell.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Founded in 2014, FWT set out to create a high quality motor-inspired fashion brand. We strive to create apparel that embodies the strength, dignity and pride of the American V-Twin culture.

With garments made of the finest cotton, FWT provides an unmatched selection of the finest textiles carefully fashioned to be exceptionally comfortable and durable. Our hand-illustrated designs possess rich, deep color that will secure FWT’s place as the leading source in premium wear.

Our Purpose

We are all on a journey. At FWT, our path intersects with that of our kind. We understand the bonds that unite brothers and sisters who ride. Our mission is to strengthen the bonds of our brotherhood and sisterhood by creating apparel that inspires direction and fuels one’s drive – whether on the road or in life.

Our commitment to the ties that bind our brothers and sisters who ride extends beyond our threads. The FWT team is honored to take a stand against veteran homelessness and PTS Suicide prevention.  To fast-track our efforts, FWT has teamed up with Liberty House, a nonprofit organization that has worked tirelessly to provide a safe haven for veterans.  Daily, Liberty House assists these men and women in transitioning out of homelessness to a richer and more fulfilling life.  At FWT, we are proud to serve our American veterans, and hope to inspire others to do the same.