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His And Her Vintage

His and Her Vintage was created by husband and wife who  both love vintage. We started our business in Hawaii where we met. Now we brought back our love and our shop to Bangkok. 

We loved different things: the husband loved eyeglasses and record players while the wife loves jewelries and hats. 

We specialize in 1950s-60s items and rockabilly items.  Men's Safety glasses and women's cat eyes, vintage hats, brand jewelries from places we travel.

Vintage Oversized Sunglasses 1980's Old Stock Made Taiwan Violet

Vintage Oversized..

$15.00 USD
Vintage Sunglasses Christian Dior.
Vintage Sunglasses Chirstian Dior
Vintage Eyeglass Tart Optical Fdr Green Smoke. 1950's Second Hand.
Vintage Eyeglasses

Vintage Eyeglasses

$169.00 USD
Vintage Eyeglass Kono Optical 1950's Nos Redwood
Vintage Eyeglass Rare 1960's Liberty Optical Co Nos Marble Color