F*ck Boring.

Juicy Lucy


Juicy Lucy is a handmade jewelry company inspired by old school, rockabilly, kustom kulture, tattoo, pinup and hot rod culture. Each piece is handcrafted in the USA using quality products and processes to ensure that they will stand the test of time. Juicy Lucy strives to provide unique and fresh alternative accessories using both our own original art as well as art created by other small businesses.

Featured Items

Red Mom Heart Tattoo Inspired Earrings, Rockabilly Tattoo Art Earrings
Large Pink Plumeria Hawaiian Flower Earrings
Tattoo Style Coffin Skeleton Key Earrings, Psychobilly, Rockabilly Fate Tattoo
Lavender Orchid Hair Flower, Purple Pinup Tropical Hair Clip
Lemon Lime Purple Rose Tattoo Inspired Earrings, Rockabilly Yellow Green Purple Flower Tattoo Art Earrings
Large Turquoise Rose Earrings Rockabilly, Pinup Flower Jewelry
Red Mom Tattoo Heart Adjustable Ring, Rockabilly, Tattoo Art
Black Gingham Bow Motorcycle Earrings
Tattoo Style Fuschia Leopard Print Rose Ring, Traditional Rockabilly Tattoo Art
Rockabilly Red Dice Necklace Yellow Stars Silver Plated Bezel
Tattoo Inspired Blue Diamond Rockabilly Necklace, Old School Diamond Tattoo Art