Unapologetically Badass.

Market Street Broads

This line was originally based solely on making and providing bad ass jewelry for bad ass broads. It has now grown to be more about providing bad ass jewelry and art to each and every one of you bad asses out there! My design concepts stem from a wide variety of passions in my life including music, movies, traveling, hiking, etc. I adore people from all walks of life and greatly appreciate originality and creativity in others. I'm sure you'll find something to please just about anyone in my shop. Make sure to check back often for the latest designs! I will be adding new jewelry and artwork regularly.

Featured Items

Anchors Away Necklace
One Shot Silver Pistol Bullet Earrings
Bloody Awesome Glass Tealight Candle Holder
Knocking Death's Door
Buried Alive Necklace
Tree Death Necklace

Tree Death Necklace

$30.13 USD
Hacked Necklace

Hacked Necklace

$21.13 USD
Love Monsters Earrings