Because You Live Differently.

Mistress Dark Romance

Everyone Deserves Romance - Especially the Dark kind

We all seek romance. Goth, Alt, Rocker or other genre, it doesn't matter. We also appreciate the dark aesthetic and that is what Mistress Dark Romance can bring to you with alluring aphrodisiac top-notes, luxurious cosmetics and just enough human pheromones to let the sparks fly in the darkness.

Very few companies have done the research and understand the genders like Mistress and we share that knowledge with you in our fragrances, lip glosses, massage oil candles and gift items.

You should have romance in your life and your dark partner should know what you want. Help them understand the depth and power of your affection with Mistress and Master products. We know you'll be thrilled with the results and we love the feedback we've gotten over the last 10 years!

Featured Items

Ylang Ylang & Ginseng Aphrodisiac & Pheromone Fragrance
Vanilla & Sandalwood Aphrodisiac & Pheromone Fragrance