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RockStruck By Angel Face Jewellery


Angel Face is a jewellery and body piercing shop which was established as a business in 2009. In 2013 I decided to create an in-house jewellery and accessories brand called RockStruck.

RockStruck jewellery is made from guitar parts and accessories such as Silver plated guitar strings and cusyom shop picks.

RockStruck handbags, wallets and purses are made from upcycled vintage handbags purchased from vintage markets. They are customised to represent your favourite band using your favourite album art, song lyrics and copies of any tickets from gigs which you may have attended.

RockStruck corsets are also made to order and designed in tribute to your favourite band. You can send us your own corset to customise or we can source one for you.

Each piece is one of a kind. Items here on Rebels Market are available to buy straight away or you can get in touch if you would like something custom made to represent your favourite band. A percentage of proceeds from sales of RockStruck jewellery is donated to Nordoff Robbins to help fund Music Therapy sessions for young people with learning difficulties.

Featured Items

Pin Charm Bracelet

Pin Charm Bracelet

$35.48 USD
Silver Plated Guitar Strings Bracelet
Simple Layered Leather Bracelet (With Gibson Pick)