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Steamretro, Steampunk And Gothic Jewellery


Welcome to Steamretro world!

Having a keen interest in all things retro- futuristic, Victorian, Vintage, and for many years enjoying the written works of Arthur Conan Doyle and Jules Verne to name but two founding fathers of the Steampunk genre, I found myself drawn to the idea of creating Steampunk Jewelry a couple of years back.

Steampunk as a scene really took off in the States, and its only really began to grow in Europe in the last few years. Now of course Steampunk is assaulting mainstream fashion, even if some of those fashion aficionados that buy it don’t recognize the word “Steampunk”

Steampunk is so much more than a fashion craze though, it’s a statement, a way of life. Picture Victorian family values, elegant and formal dress, respectful mannerism, and of course the drinking of Tea and you’re getting the idea.

At Steamretro , we began by selling at craft fairs, Artisan and medieval markets, and after much success, realized we could take our product worldwide. Through Rebelsmarket we have been able to build a client base in all corners of the globe.
Our success has given us the chance to work on this project full time, and as a result have much more freedom about where we sell. To this end, we are lucky enough to be able to sell at events that REALLY interest us, or events that we personally want to help promote and lend our support to. This usually means we have more fun! Two events recently spring to mind that we really enjoyed were Eurosteamcon 2013 in Barcelona, situated in the fabulous Victorian 
train station, the locals really got in the spirit of the thing, with both the sellers, exhibitors and the general public turning out in fantastic outfits! Everything from Octopuses to Pirates and Imperial Stormtroopers! The second event we really enjoyed last year was in Doncaster, England , an event close to my heart, as I originate from that part of the world, a truly great event that attracted Sci-fi, Manga and Goths, as well as the usual Steampunk fanatics, a really 
diverse public!

We are currently planning the roadtrip for Steamreto´s travelling Emporum in 2014, so we could be coming to a town near you soon!

What we have tried to do with our jewelry, is marry the ideas of Victorian machinery with the elegance of the age. The result, we feel, is quite unique.

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Transforming, recreating, reincarnating in an age of uncontrolable industrialization!

Never being one to throw anything away, the origins of the idea were born of perusing the local antique markets in our area,It struck me that the quality of product in the modern world is a far cry from the quality of manufacturing of yesteryear.Thus being inspired to regenerate old material as an example to future generations of what can be produced from passion,self respect and good practice as opposed to todays throw away commercialization!  


Purple Heart Steampunk Necklace Steampunk Jewelry Heart Necklace Steampunk Jewellery Steamretro
Kaleesi Gothic Dragon Necklace Steamretro
Vintage Watch Movement Amethyst Steampunk Earrings
Gothic Cross Steamretro
Anarchy Steampunk Ring Steampunk Steamretro
Cute Owl Sling Bag

Cute Owl Sling Bag

$17.99 USD
Steampunk Necklace Clockheart Steampunk Antique Rose Necklace Steampunk Jewelry Steamretro
Creatures Night Gothic Necklace Steamretro
Steampunk Blue Zircon Filigree Ring Steamretro
Redrum Steampunk Ring Steampunk Jewelry Steamretro
Gas Mask Ring 316 L Stainless Steel Steampunk Cyberpunk Ring Mens Ring
Blood Storm Sling Bag
Gaudi Lib

Gaudi Lib

$34.00 USD
Fallout Wasteland Functional Gas Mask , Steampunk Zombie Post Apocalyptic

Fallout Wasteland..

$34.00 USD
Tears Princess Vintage Earrings Gothic Earrings Gothic Jewelry Steamretro
Nautilus Nightmare Steampunk Earrings Red
Clockheart Steampunk Emerald Necklace
Clockwork Mariposa Butterfly Steampunk Necklace