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Welcome to Xtatic Wear, Ink-Style-Art made in the garage.

I guess I should start with a few words about myself, the man behind the idea. My name is Izo and I’ve been in the tattoo industry for the better part of the last 20 years. I come by way of Bulgaria, but have spent the latter part of my life living and working in Vienna, Austria. 

The idea of Xtatic came to me in 2013 while I was painting in my garage/studio/home office. At the time I was looking to challenge myself with something new in terms of creative and business standpoint and the idea of giving people the chance to wear a ‘tattoo’, instead of having a permanent one, really appealed to me.  Albeit I like to use the phrase ‘made in the garage’ as part of our slogan, it’s really astonishing, how one simple idea that started in my backyard has now turned into a multinational company, with people from three continents helping me recreate my ideas into products. From Canada, through EU, to Australia the Xtatic family is working to bring you something exclusive.  

Xtatic is about being an original, underground, street tattoo wear. Xtatic is about the art of Ink you can enjoy but leave in the washer before bed. Xtatic is about transferring everything from oil on canvas, through pencil sketch, or even ink on skin to print on cotton. Xtatic is about dedication to quality. Xtatic is a personal choice of style. Xtatic is to make you ecstatic about what you’re wearing. Xtatic is not for everyone, but welcomes everyone who likes us to our family which is always expanding and currently features tattoo artists, music bands, skaters, street artist and performers, designers, photographers, rappers, models, this list is growing. 

All our products are made of high quality materials and we strive to provide you with something exclusive to wear and to set yourself apart from the mainstream. Our t-shirts are of high quality 180g cotton, and multi-print graphics of latest technologies – made in EU – Bulgaria. Although it might have a negative effect on the price, it was a sacrifice in the name of quality. They feature custom designs from renowned European tattoo artists such as Bullet BG, Vezhdin and others.  Our jewelry is assembled by hand in Austria, using beads and accessories from around the world. All our other products use materials selected from various international vendors and have a final assembly in the EU.   We are currently working on releasing additional items under the female line La Xtatic and projects are on the way for more exciting stuff.

You can find Xtatic on the web at xtaticwear.com or like our page on Facebook. You can also find Xtatic on the road, if you’re in Europe.  In April, we will have a booth at the Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe in Vienna, Austria, followed by the International Tattoo Convention in Frankfurt, Germany. In May, Xtatic will be at the Tattoo Conventions in Graz and Bodensee, Austria. We are keep expanding the appearances and adding more international events. You can find our products on established online retailers like Rebels Market, as well as local underground shops and tattoo studios.  

On our end, we at Xtatic, can only promise you to continue to keep our inspiration and dedication to deliver you with a product you’ll enjoy.

 Be Fun. Be Happy. Be Xtatic.

Xtatic Wear Logo Tee Digital Art Sweyda
Xtatic Wear Logo Tee Digital Art Sweyda
Xtatic Wear Logo Tee Digital Art Ivo