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Yes2Years Fashions

Yes2Years Fashions evolved from creating costumes for period reenactments to costuming for movie and theatre productions. Expanding on the feeling that we were born in the wrong era, it became a dream to delve in and utilize details from loved periods into our everyday wardrobe. There is satisfaction in recreating styles from past years… either in duplicating or just taking hints from the era, and creating new clothing options for the modern woman and man. Yes2Years Fashions' direction is neo-Victorianism mixed with Burlesque Extravaganza, Boho-Chic, and Cowgirl Attitude!

What is your favorite part in the process of designing clothes?

No cookie cutters here!  Each design is unique and evolves as the fabric ‘talks’! Whether utilizing new fabric & trims, or upcycling vintage finds, it is exciting to see a piece develop as trims and one-of-a kind details are added.

What is Steampunk?

"Steampunk its more than an aesthetic tendency, it's the longing for the past that never was," ((web link removed) OR, "Steampunk is modern technology- iPads, computers, robotics, air travel- powered by steam and set in the 1800's" ((web link removed) OR, "Steampunk is a genre AND a design aesthitic AND a philosophy" ((web link removed) Steampunk fashion really has NO rules; it allows one to express their love of an era past and interpret it individually.  It is anachronistic Victorian times!

What is Burlesque?

Victorian Burlesque, sometimes also referred to as 'extravaganza', has it roots in the mid 19th century and was a form of parody in which a well-known opera, theatre or ballet was adapted into a broad comic play, usually musical and risque in style.  Actresses usually played the male roles and likewise, men played the older women roles.  This reversal, and the subsequent performance in skimpy clothes, allowed the audience to distance themselves from the morality of the plays, and instead focus on the pure entertainment.

So why Steampunk-Burlesque Fashions?

Steampunk-Burlesque styling takes the prim and proper out of Victorian fashions, allowing one's alter-ego to emerge. It can be sexy, sultry, feminine, tempestuous, or adventurous. It is Victorian with attitude.  It embodies both Victorian and Old West attributes; quasi-Victorian.

What other fashions are available from Yes2Years?

We are versed in styles from the Renaissance, Regency, Edwardian, Victorian, and Roaring 20's and can design and deliver Custom-Made Orders.  

What is in Yes2Years future?

Upcoming to the site is Yes2Years' Rental House.  We have available for rent, by the piece or in bulk, period wardrobe for men and women.  Following, look for Yes2Years Productions, featuring theme parties for all ages (local market only).

Anything else you would like to share?

As Yes2Years' direction was being shaped, it was the support of family that kept the dream moving forward.  And, currently Yes2Years is presided over by sisters, Cindy & Pam, and mother, Carole.  It is the company goal to provide an outlet for their creative talents, as well to other brilliant, capable women. 

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Kate's Bustle Skirt
Kate's Bustle Skirt by Yes2Years Fashions
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Kate's Bustle Skirt
Kate's Bustle Skirt by Yes2Years Fashions
$85.00 USD