Steampunk Hats

For all the Steampunk creatives out there, RebelsMarket has a fabulous surprise of you like handmade Steampunk items. This category is packed with amazing hats and caps you will not see elsewhere. this collection is both chic and appropriate for the warm and/or cold season. Look cool and complete your look with these one of a kind hats. Enjoy looking through this selection and have them shipped straight to you.


Exclusive Steampunk hats and caps

The Steampunk culture is all about creativity and originality. Headwear is an important part of Steampunk fashion accessories. Borrowed from the Victorian age, Steampunks normally wear hats and caps. Examples are the top hat, a leather flight helmet, a bowler hat, a straw boater/skimmer, an Arctic flap hat, a pith helmet, a deerstalker hat (in inspiration of Sherlock Holmes), a pirate-style bandana, or a newsboy cap. These were common and were often considered stylish. However, headwear is not limited to Victorian styles. Hair may be adorned with braids, feathers, beads, wire, yarn, dreadlocks and other punk-like elements to juxtapose elegant Victorian clothing. Today these items of clothing are unique and hard to come by. However, at RebelsMarket we bring them straight to you.