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Traditional goth fashion may not be for everyone, it can sometimes be a bit too dark or maybe too formal for you for every-day wear, but if you have a flirty and fun side that absolutely loves adding colors and pastels into your everyday outfits, Pastel Goth may be the best way to break free of the hum-drum bore that is traditional fashion. Our pastel goth clothing and accessories are fit for everyday wear or even on days where you want to rock that extra badass outfit.

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Pastel Goth Clothing Stores

Pastel Goth, also known as soft grunge or nu goth is a spinoff of traditional gothic culture. The pastel gothic fashion often times includes pastel hair colors whether dyed or accomplished with the use of playfully dyed extensions, 666 accessories, inverted crosses, skulls, and all things dark. They have an edge that is refined and could be explained as a fashion that walks the line between cute and badass. There is a tendency in the pastel goth fashion for vintage or Victorian elements to be a base that is expanded upon with soft pastel colors and hard-edged or badass accessories.


Pastel goth clothing is the art of pairing a fashion sense that’s known to be tough as nails with something a little softer. The juxtaposition between the two lends itself well to an artistic and extremely versatile fashion sense. The best part about pastel goth is that it can be done on a budget, discount pieces of traditional black gothic clothing can be paired well with numerous hair accessories, jewelry pieces, and pastel goth shoes, allowing anyone to evolve their personal style without having to break their budget.


Another major benefit in choosing to add pastel goth fashion to your everyday wear, is that it still lends itself well to body modification. Tattoos, piercings, dyed hair, dermal anchors, or even a more permanent body modification like elf ears or splitting of tongues. Snake bites, tongue rings, belly rings, hearts, rainbows, and bows: they all hold a place in the pastel gothic clothing and accessories world and will add to any of your outfits, if you’re bold enough to explore the wonderful world of permanent body modification for the sake of accessorizing this edgy yet soft look that is benefitted by the hard edge of skulls and inverted crosses or frills, lace, chokers and pastel colors.


The Goth movement is no longer reserved for dark, brooding individuals who prefer to be the outcasts of society. Modern consumers can appreciate the values of truth and raw, unabashed emotion too, resulting in the everyday adaptation of the goth style. Couturiers and new designers are using this to their advantage by creating dark pieces that provide relief from other, over-embellished Gothic fashion. In the RebelsMarket pastel goth collection, you will find Goth jewelry, Goth accessories and even  Goth womens lingerie. No longer is Goth something people view as scary but now designers have recognized the beauty of the culture and deep history. At RebelsMarket you will find these items easily, and they will be delivered straight to you.