Stunning Pirate Costumes & Clothes

We offer really awesome Pirate costumes & Clothes for all ages, intentions, events & festivals. Some for the cool kids while others handmade for women attending medieval renaissance festivals around the world. 

Medival Trance Music Festivals

For those visiting some of the most popular Pirate medieval events 2014 such as England's Medieval Festival in Herstmonceux Castle, Pirates & Smuggler Day or the North California Pirate festival our Pirate costumes & Clothes will make you stand out of the crowd.   
In a truly magical setting, that history comes to life where armored Knights Jousting and Skill-at-Arms Tournaments on horseback; breathtaking Falconry displays; Longbow and Crossbow Competitions, Have-A-Go-Archery; spectacular Grand Parades; Puppeteers, Jesters, Strolling Minstrels...wherever you spend the day discovering archery, belly dancing, mysticism, and numerous other delights make sure you are dressed up as a pirate in an affordable way. 
Your children who might be less excited about wearing traditional handmade pirate costumes & clothes will be happy for our cooler Pirates department with cross-bone pirate t-shirts, one-eyed skull backpacks and many other awesome accessories. 
Even those attending special niche music events such as the Indian Spirit in Germany, the Transylvania Calling in Romania with tunes like downbeat, progressive trance, Full, Goa or even Forest and any other Psychedelic Electronica you will find the matching pirate, medieval renaissance outfits on RebelsMarket
Make sure to watch the video in the footer to get an impression of how cool & fun these events can be for you party lions & medieval pirate adventurers... 

For Pirates & Medival (Mittelalter) fans all over the world the Indian Spirit music festival is probably one of the most post-modern dance, trance & music festival event in the world. Check out this cool video and find our top 10 Medieval Festivals on our RM blog to not miss out the coolest parties with your newly purchased pirate costumes & clothes. Seriously, that Granny in her Pocahontas dress is frigging rocking the house..I bet she used to be or probably still is for some one hell of a sexy women :-)

For those more into traditional family fair events this video of the NorCal Pirate Festival will give you an impression about cool pirate clothes & outfits for either sexy looking women or wicked dressed boy & girls.

Enjoy buying from other cool pirates around the world and save sh while adding more than 1 item from the same seller to your basket.