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Unique Women Dresses

Look sexy, chic and impressive wherever you go. The dresses you will find on RebelsMarket will complete your look wherever you go.  If you're headed to an event, we have sexy high fashion dresses, long dresses, fancy trend dresses, cocktail dresses, formal dresses, prom dresses, homecoming dresses, evening dresses, sweater dresses, and lace dresses. We know that no matter the occasion, women are constantly on the search for the perfect dress - that's why we carry a wide selection of unique women dresses, including short, maxi, light and party dresses in all colors. If you have a fuller figure, don’t fret, plus size women dresses that are flattering for you are here! If you are looking for affordable unique dresses, begin here

Vibrant Women Dress Collection

There are various designs of dresses for women with specific body types. Check these out:

Maxi dress: They are especially good for women who have long torsos or those who have a slightly boyish figure because it builds in feminine curves. It is good to know that there are dresses for different body types. If you are small, small prints are good and of you are bigger, large prints will complement you well.

Wrap dresses: These are wonderful for women who have a pear shaped body. They accentuate the small waist a woman with a pear shaped body has. Wrap dresses are also good for women who want to accentuate the proportions of their body. It pulls attention to a woman’s curves in a lovely, feminine way. They seem to minimize the waist and add some attention to the bust.

Mini dresses: Perfect for petite women who do not have the long legs that other women do. Mini dresses can accentuate their legs and make them look longer. If a petite woman wants her legs to look even longer, she can wear a pair of nude heels with a mini dress. A mini dress also does not look quite as short on a petite woman, giving them more wiggle room

Shirt dress: The shirt dress is a good choice for those with an hourglass shape. This dress is not very forgiving. It is best to choose this dress only if you are fairly satisfied with your figure.

A-line dress: These dresses are perfect for any shape as they are very flattering. Both pear and apple shapes can enjoy wearing this dress type. This dress is often favored by women that have the advantage of height. 

Flared dress: This Vintage inspired dress has a 1950's silhouette feel that is in style today, and is a great addition to any wardrobe.
Lace dress: A classic black dress just seems so much more glamourous when created in lace. Keep it simple, with classic high heels and a ladylike bag, add big statement earrings and deep red lipstick.

Peplum dress: The peplum dress is good for broad shouldered gals. Because it has some flare at the hips, it can help you to find some balance. The wider flare hip equals out your naturally broad shoulders.The flirty peplum adds feminine shape to slim hips.

Sheath dress: The sheath dress is a good choice for an apple figure. There is a bit of wiggle room to hide a bit of a tummy. The key to making this work for your apple figure is to make sure that you do not choose a dress that is too small. If you make that mistake, it will be hard to hide anything.

Slip dress: Nothing is as timelessly sexy as a black slip style dress. This can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair it with. You can even layer a slip dress over a henley for more of a grunge look.

Pair these women dresses with sexy women heels and exclusive jewelry and be ready for a day/night out. So for these unique dresses and more with whichever color you want, be it black, red, yellow or pink, look no further than RebelsMarket. You will not regret it.