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Rebels Market features memorabilia from a wide range of bands from AC/DC to Bob Marley. You can find exciting and unique products that other vendors won’t have. We’ve got excellent band merch ideas for your everyday wardrobe. Wearing a shirt, hoodie or jewelry can be like wearing a statement from the band itself — a band’s brand. Merchandise can be the perfect visual output of a band’s musical expression. 
Peruse through our collection of band merch, categorized by the band. Clothing items are ranging from band hoodies to band T-shirts. Or if you are looking for a band pin, jewelry or bag check out our collectibles and accessories. Wearing your favorite band supports their music and expresses your style. 

Music is a part of all of us, so why not let it be a part of your style?

Out in a crowd at a local show or on the street in daily life you see it everywhere — band merchandise. From your neighbor to your best friend or that guy at your local takeaway, most people have at least one piece of memorabilia from their favorite musician.
It’s not enough to have just the tunes of your favorite band. Sometimes that outward expression of your taste in music is best shown by the badass clothes on your back (or the pin on your bag). Show that love with top picks from our stylists, vendors and collection curators. 
The love of music is engrained in our being, and we like to show our tastes by adding our favorite musicians to our styles. 

Some band members have been caught wearing their band merchandise — Steve Tyler, Michael Jackson, and Axl Rose to name a few. Although, some consider this a party foul (no really look it up, we swear — there are pictures). Does this count as breaking the unspoken rule of wearing a band shirt to the band you’re seeing perform? 
Also, it’s better to purchase merch before you go to a show. The markup on tour can be quite expensive compared to online shopping. 

When you’re looking for a specific band T-shirt online shopping can make the search easier. We can save you the hassle of sifting through a pile of low-quality shirts at a local outlet and directly ship the merchandise to you. Also, you won’t have to fight some guy at the show (or store) for the last shirt. Online shopping for band merchandise can make your style search easier and get you just the items you want. 
Whether you're a fan of 80s hair metal, grunge outfits or today’s top hits, band merch is the perfect way to show your unique taste. Music can transcend all styles from emo to scene, punk rock to metal, or vintage and retro styles. We’ve got you covered. RebelsMarket specializes in curating band memorabilia that suits your style needs. Also, you can check our style categories to search for band T-shirts that match your mood.

When buying memorabilia, any music enthusiast wants to make sure the band merch they purchase is quality and affordable. With our hand-picked band merchandise, you’ll know it comes from quality vendors and businesses. Finding the right shirt or hoodie can be comfortable with specially-selected options from our vendors.

Shop t-shirts, hoodies, unique backpacks, collectibles and gifts from some of your best music bands; from Metallica, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, NSYNC and many more.

No metalhead leaves the house without a trusty metal t-shirt. Along with black jeans and heavy boots, the metal graphic t-shirt represents part of the subcultural uniform - a billboard for the bands who inspire us, an outward expression of the sound that defines us.

Metal t-shirts incorporate band logos and bold designs featuring horror, fantasy clothing, satanic and pagan imagery. Metal clothing is Instantly recognizable by other metalheads, a great shirt will always get attention at gigs and festivals. Metalheads unite.

1) Motorhead

Women’s red and blue motorhead tee shirt. A break from the classic black and white logo on the trademark Ace of Spades design.

2) Rob Zombie

A Rob Zombie Horror men's singlet. The perfect gift for the man in your life.

3) Motorhead singlet

Classic white logo from one of the most infamous rock n roll bands ever on a black singlet - perfect for wearing to a BBQ, or into the mosh pit!

4) Megadeth

Rock the Vic Rattlehead mascot on this long-line sleeveless Megadeth tee!  Could also be worn as a tunic or dress over tights or jeans.

5) Lamb of God

Another comfortable and versatile long t-shirt design, this time featuring Lamb of God.

6) Metallica

Kill em All! Wear the first album by metal legends Metallica proudly!

7) Sepultura

Unisex design of this classic Brazilian heavy metal band - Sepultura.

8) Korn

This band tee shirt features a black and white photograph style band logo and design of Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis.

9) Sonic Youth

A classic design from one of my favorite bands. You've gotta check Sonic Youth out!

10) Ladies skull metal shirt

This fashionable ladies tee shirt features a shoulder /sleeve design of white skulls on a plain black tee. More subtle than a metal shirt, but still shows your true colors. Versatile, fashionable and maybe even work friendly.

11) Guns n Roses

No metal babe should be without a classic gun n roses tunic top. You’ll never go unnoticed.

12) Women’s inverted cross tunic

Inverted crosses are so in vogue right now. Check out this excellent inverted cross tunic - fashionable and metal all in one.

13) Diamond skull dress

Large skull on black dress design. High impact fashion piece with lots of bling and metal influence.

14) Metal and Ink and Beard and Kink

Unisex tattoo design graphic text shirt. Comes in three colors, black, blue and green.

15) Metal steampunk design shirt

This ladies steampunk metal machines singlet features white cogs and steampunk motifs that borrows the classic metal singlet design.

16) Gothic Lolita tee

A skeleton gothic style Lolita plays the guitar. A death metal musical heroine.

17) Women’s skull cut-out shirt

This back cut out design is perfect for a hot day at a metal festival. A little bit sexy shows off a little skin.

18) Ladies Rockability t-shirt

This rock tee of a woman playing double bass in pin-up style is eye-catching and totally badass.

19) Cut long-sleeve top

This is long sleeved tee is perfect for punk, rock and metal chicks.

Wear your metal shirts with pride! Happy Shopping!