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Nevena Bjelic

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Wave Gotik Treffen - The Biggest Gothic Festival in the World

Nevena Bjelic July 11, 2017
Wave Gotik Treffen - The Biggest Gotik Festival In the World

Victorian Picnic, Medieval Market and more | Photos of beautiful people of Wave Gotik Treffen - The Biggest Gothic Festival in the World

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Wave Gotik Treffen 2017 in Review: It's All About The Music!

Nevena Bjelic June 26, 2017
 Wave Gotik Treffen 2017 Music: Rotersand, VNV Nation, The 69 Eyes And More!

A WGT 2017 report and pictures.Check out the 26th Wave Gotik Treffen shows - Rotersand, VNV Nation, The 69 Eyes, Suicide Commando, Funker Vogt

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Diary of Dreams in Sofia – “Beauty of Ugliness”

Nevena Bjelic April 03, 2017
Diary Of Dreams In Sofia – “Beauty Of Ugliness”

Get a glimpse of Diary of Dreams, and their standout performance in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Schattenwelt Gothic Festival - Diary of Dreams, Suicide Commando, Solar Fake

Nevena Bjelic December 20, 2016
Schattenwelt - Austrian Gothic Festival

Schattenwelt is the biggest gothic festival in Austria. Get a glimpse at the 2016 experience here -

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Fashion trends from other decades that are back in style

Nevena Bjelic November 09, 2016
The Comeback Story. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s Fashion Trends that Are Back

What are the best retro Fashion Trends from the 60s, 70s, and 80s? Learn about the awesome styles from these decades here -

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20 Ways to Style Patches

Nevena Bjelic September 07, 2016
20 Ways to Style Patches

How to wear trendy patches on a selection of clothing items and for various styles.

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19 of the Newest Notable Alternative Trends in the Last Decade

Nevena Bjelic September 06, 2016
19 Most Notable Alternative Subcultures & Trends In the Last Decade

The most extensive and detailed guide on all important alternative subcultures and trends from the late 90s.

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How to dress to show your back tattoos

Nevena Bjelic August 11, 2016
What To Wear When You Have Back Tattoos

Whether you are looking to display or cover your back tattoo in public; we have style tips based on occasion and the specific location of your beautiful ink!

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5 Types of Corsets & How to Wear Them

Nevena Bjelic July 23, 2016
5 Types Of Corsets & How to Wear Them

Popular types and shapes of corsets and how to wear them for various occasions and styles - goth, rockabilly/pinup, steampunk, burlesque, vintage, Victorian.

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