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Steff Green

I’m Steff Metal, the writer behind Gothic Wedding Planner. I’ve been crazy about gothic and alternative weddings ever since I planned my own in 2008, and I love finding dark and delicious wedding inspiration to share with you. I’m a vision-impaired writer living in New Zealand with my cantankerous drummer husband and our medieval sword collection.By day, I ghost blog and create marketing copy for alternative business and write articles about art, fashion and music, and at night, I tear up the mosh pit at my local metal bar. My life is dominated by travel, writing, music and the eternal quest for the perfect sausage roll.

Latest from Steff Green

Ten Must Have Steampunk Accessories for Men

Steff Green October 01, 2015
Top 10 Must-Have Steampunk Accessories For Men

Your ultimate guide for unique,sturdy and cool steampunk men accessories for men.

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What is Steampunk?

Steff Green September 27, 2015
What Is Steampunk?

Steampunk is the fashionable baby of Victorian era aesthetics and science fiction imagination. In this article learn more about the history and philosophy of steampunk.

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The Best Goth Games You Should Be Playing Now

Steff Green September 12, 2015
The Best Goth Games You Should Be Playing Now

Check out the best Goth games you need to be playing right now. From vampires to gargoyles, these games are dark, creepy and bloody.

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Spirit Life: Witchcraft

Steff Green September 08, 2015
Spirit Life: Witchcraft

The word Witchcraft has mean many things through the ages. This guide will give you an overview of Witchcraft roles from fairy tales to religion.

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How to Wear Your Printed or Patterned Leggings

Steff Green February 21, 2015
How to Wear Your Printed Or Patterned Leggings

How to wear printed or patterned leggings. Complete guide on how to dress them up. Look sexy with a well light legging sense.

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Eight Terrifying Medical Instruments From The Past

Steff Green October 29, 2014
 8 Terrifying Steampunk Inspired Medical Instruments!

8 mind numbing medical instruments used by doctors in the past.From skull saws, anti-masturbation apparatus to a tonsil guillotine. This is freaking scary

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Ten Must-Have Steampunk Accessories for Women

Steff Green October 02, 2014
Ten Must Have Steampunk Accessories For Women

Get to see the amazing Steampunk accessories collection on RebelsMarket. From hats, masks, earrings, rings and chokers, see them all here.

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Rock Fashion Inspired by: Repo! The Genetic Opera

Steff Green August 27, 2014
Rock Fashion Inspired By: Repo! The Genetic Opera

Did you like Repo! The Genetic Opera? The fantastic horror-rock film is great for rock fashion inspiration for men and women. Check it out.

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The Best 6 'Under The Sea' Fashion Looks You Should Have In Your Closet

Steff Green August 21, 2014
The Best 6 'Under The Sea' Fashion Looks You Should Have In Your Closet

Find tips and Ideas on how to accessorize your outfit with mythological and fantasy jewelry inspired of sea creatures. Read it now.

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Written in the Stars : Top 3 Star Fashion Looks

Steff Green July 15, 2014
Written In the Stars : Top 3 Starry Fashion Looks

Looking for sci-fi fashion that will have you seeing stars? Check out RebelsMarket awesome Sci-fi fashion article on star fashion.

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Make Me Over: Get the Low Down on Edgy Mineral Makeup

Steff Green July 09, 2014
Make Me Over: The Low Down On Edgy Mineral Make-Up

Get to know all you didn't know and more on mineral make-up. Learn how to make up your face in edgy mineral makeup in this article.

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The Ultimate Guide To A Goth Car!!

Steff Green June 30, 2014
The Ultimate Guide To A Goth Car

Discover how you can "goth" up your car. Use stickers, pendants, flags and funky key chains to add a Gothic touch to your vehicle.

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Why is Steampunk Going Mainstream?

Steff Green February 13, 2014
Why Is Steampunk Going Mainstream?

Compelling reasons why steampunk is going mainstream and could potentially be hitting the high streets!

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London Calling - The Subculture Capitol of the World

Steff Green December 10, 2013
London Calling - The Subculture Capitol Of the World

London is a feast of sub-cultures, musical revolutions, history and monarchy. The city teams with life – both ordinary people going about their business and, underneath the surface, a huge community of different alternative subcultures.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Inspired Fashion

Steff Green December 02, 2013
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Inspired Fashion

Today, the Rocky Horror Picture Show is just as popular as when it was first released as a film in 1975, and has been performed worldwide as a stage show. Dress for a show with this Rocky inspired fashion.

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Cyberpunk and its Many SubGenres

Steff Green November 27, 2013
Cyberpunk And Its Subgenres

While Cyberpunk itself is already a sub-genre of Science Fiction, set in a futuristic, de-humanised and technology centric society, it has spawned various sub-genres, each taking the central posit of cyberpunk and adding its own twist.

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Top 20 Steampunk Jewellery Pieces for Men

Steff Green November 04, 2013
Top 20 Steampunk Jewellery Pieces For Men

Steampunk jewellery for men incorporates many bold, rustic, sturdy and mystical designs. Take a look at the impressive range of men

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Which Goth Type Are You?

Steff Green October 20, 2013
Which Goth Type Are You?

Different types of goth subcultures and how tips on how to achieve a similar look. This article outlines the different types of Goths styles and how to style them.

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15 Best Phone Cases on RebelsMarket

Steff Green October 08, 2013
15 Best Phone Cases On Rebels Market

Amazing Rebels Alternative phone cases. At RebelsMarket we carry awesome alternative lifestyle products from all over the world

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Inspired By - Phantom of the Opera

Steff Green October 02, 2013
History Of the Phantom Of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is of course, not an opera at all. It's most famous adaptation is as a musical by none other than Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, which has toured the world extensively since 1986, and is one of the most successful musicals of all time. Learn more about the Phantom of the Opera in this post.

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Rebel Advice

Steff Green September 30, 2013
Help! My Daughter Is Becoming A Goth!

As a parent, what do you do when your teen starts to embrace the gothic subculture? Should you be right to be worried? Does being a goth mean your teen is doing drugs or involved in underage sex?

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History Lesson - the Visigoths

Steff Green September 25, 2013
Who Were the Visigoths? History Of Goth

Does the word

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Rebel Trend: Got the Message - messenger bag style

Steff Green September 24, 2013
Got the Messege: Messenger Bags In Fashion

The way we send mail is constantly evolving. We like how messenger bags harken back to saddlebags flung over horses and those working class heroes from the 1950s - the utility lineman. Not only are they practical and hardwearing, but also they look cool.

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Rebel Trends: Cross Necklace and Rosary Inspired Fashion

Steff Green September 17, 2013
Cross Necklace And Rosary Inspired Fashion

Cross necklaces and rosary beads have been used for centuries as an important part of the Christian and Catholic religions. Check out these modern fashions inspired by traditional cross necklaces and rosaries. Available on Rebelsmarket.

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Cocktail hour 8 Vampire Inspired cocktails

Steff Green August 25, 2013
Cocktail House: Vampire Inspired Cocktails

Vampires embrace the fleetingness of life as they do death. So, why not live in the moment and get your hemoglobin pumping red-hot with these devilish elixirs. Enjoy these cocktails in the quiet solitude of the candlelight or at your next vampire inspired party.

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Johnny Cash Inspired Clothing & Accessories

Steff Green August 19, 2013
Johnny Cash Inspired Clothing & Accessories

Johnny Cash Inspired Clothing & Accessories. Cash was a rockabilly God, with his fair share of vices. Want to get the look? It

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Born Rebel: Johnny Cash

Steff Green August 15, 2013
Born Rebel: Biography Of Johnny Cash

Born Feb 26, 1932 in Arkansas, Johnny Cash is one of the world's most beloved and most infamous country crossover stars. Cash has influenced hundreds of musicians and artists since his first hit, "Cry, Cry, Cry", and this week we pay homage to his legend by taking a look at his life and achievements:

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Spooky Travel: The Goth Guide to Sydney

Steff Green August 14, 2013
Gothic Travel - Visit Sydney Australia

Sydney is the most populous city in Australia, making it a dynamic cultural hub and a center for underground cultures in Australasia. Check out our favorite things to do down under in Sydney!

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Inspired by: Zombie Themed Clothing & Accessories on RebelsMarket

Steff Green August 13, 2013
Zombie Themed Fashion And Accessories On RebelsMarket

Get in touch with your inner zombie with these great products found at Rebelsmarket. This article will take you through our zombie inspired fashion and accessories.

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Zombies, Chainsaws and Brains Oh My!

Steff Green August 12, 2013
The History Of Zombies In Myth And Movies

Zombies, also know as the living dead, are more than just horror film villains. They have been found in many varieties in all different countries and mythologies. Learn more -

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