10 Activities For A Fun-Filled Spooky Halloween In New York City

10 Activities For A Fun-Filled Spooky Halloween In New York City

1. Take a Haunted Ghost Tour of Lower Manhattan 2. Enjoy a Spooky Movie Night at the Rooftop Cinema Club 3. Visit the Village Halloween Parade 4. Stroll Through the Dyker Heights Lights 5. Go to the Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze 6. Attend a Creepy Theater Performance 7. Enjoy a Halloween-Themed Meal 8. Brave a Haunted House 9. Explore a Pumpkin Patch 10. Throw a Costume Party Conclusion: [Generate an informative conclusion that ties the content together and leaves readers with something to think about based on the Title.]

New York - the city that never sleeps. And why would it be any different on Halloween and the weeks leading up to it? In NYC, we love to party, get glamorous and outdo everyone with our creative costumes.

This list has something for everyone: families, dogs, goths who want to avoid the Halloween scene, couples, and good old friend outings. It was challenging to narrow it all down - there's always so much happening, but these ten suggestions will extend your quota for Halloween fun. 

44th Annual Village Halloween Parade

Deemed as "the nation's most wildly creative public participatory event in the greatest city in the world,” the 44th annual Village Halloween Parade is a must-do for all New Yorkers and vacationers alike. This parade is different from others in that if you are wearing a Halloween costume, you can march in it!

So if you've got your best costume on, join in and celebrate Halloween with thousands of other participants. If you don't have a costume, we have you sorted out. Choose from our impressive collection of ghost costumes or clown costumes for a befitting outfit. Line up on the streets and watch the spectacle of hundreds of giant puppets, more than 50 live bands worldwide, dancers, and artists! It's free on Halloween night, 7 pm - read more info here.

Into the Veil

(Tod Seelie / Gothamist)

Held at the fantastical Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, Into the Veil is a two-night event that allows you to explore the grey area between life and death. This is the third annual year for the event and will be even better than before, with intimate and grand performances from musicians and actors alike. 

Featured performers include SURVIVE from the Stranger Things series soundtrack alongside other spooky experiences to immerse yourself into. You can buy tickets for October 13th and 14th by clicking this link.

27th Annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade

This adorable parade is the world's largest Halloween costume gathering featuring thousands of your canine friends. With some of the most creative and cute dog costumes, dogs and their owners dress up to compete for prizes at the runway show.

Arrive in impressive animal costumes and leave the crowd speechless! What could be better than hoards of cuddly buddies dressed in creative outfits? It's free and begins at noon on October 21st! More information here.

Halloween Extravaganza and the Procession of the Ghouls

Held at the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in upper Manhattan, this Halloween Extravaganza is anything but reserved. The fun doesn’t end there with a view of Phantom of the Opera with a live organ soundtrack.

Afterward, the nave of the cathedral is open to expose theatrical ghouls and ghosts that are mischievous and tricky - if you are sitting in their grasp, be ready for ghoulish surprises and interaction with them up and down the aisles! The event happens on October 29th with an early and late show - information and tickets here.

Merchant's House Museum "Spirited" Events

The Merchant's House, built in 1832, is one of the finest examples from that period and is the most haunted building in Manhattan! That's why, for Halloween, the house spends the whole month of October celebrating our favorite holiday, naming them the "Spirited" events.

You bet this is where the fan is from a funeral reenactment and graveyard procession to the "Chant Macabre" to candlelit ghost tours of the house. Wear something spine-chilling cause it’s going to be creepy. How about a vampire costume? With seven family members who have died in the Merchant House, you can find out their history with these special events - including tours in the 4th-floor servants' quarters (rumored to be the most haunted). More information here.

12th Annual NYC Witches Halloween Masquerade Ball

This event, thrown by the NYC Wiccan Family Temple, promises to be a night for all magical people. With a midnight Samhain ritual, a costume contest, and psychics on hand, there's no reason to be anywhere else on Halloween!

In addition, proceeds go to charity - so dress up in your best masquerade outfit and feel good about it at the same time! It's held on Halloween night and $25 at the door - more information here.

Diamanda Galás Live

Goth's reigning queen returns to New York City to grace us with her incredible, avant-garde soprano voice. She will perform two nights at the Co-Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Brooklyn, perfect for her dark and mysterious music. 

Not only does Diamanda have a spectacular voice, but her performance is spiritual and will take you to another dimension. A witch wizard costume would be ideal for attending such an event. You can buy tickets for either October 29th or 31st here.

Gala of the Gone Halloween

House of Yes is the best venue in all of Brooklyn and probably New York City - so good that this list contains two of their parties! You won't be able to enter without a costume, so get going on something sexy but also an outfit you can dance in because you'll be dancing all night! A flapper costume will suit the occasion. 

With trapeze artists and dancers, props, and lots of glitters, you will never run out of theatrics to watch, and your ears will enjoy the music of Curses on the main floor. Throw in seances, Ouija boards, and massages, and it doesn't get better! It happens on Halloween night - more information here.

Central Park Halloween Parade and Pumpkin Flotilla

The Sunday before Halloween, make your way over to Central Park for their annual Halloween Parade (yet another reason to get dressed up). Enjoy the fall foliage and the festive sights and carve a pumpkin.

Afterward, the pumpkin flotilla - a term used in the navy to form small ships - takes place at the Harlem Meer at twilight. This is free on October 29th - more information here. Channel your festive spirit by dressing up for the occasion with unique outfits available for the whole family. Get boys costumes and girls cosplay outfits that are stunning and creepy to welcome the Halloween spirit in your home.

XOXA's Haunted House of Senses

There is a reason House of Yes is such a suitable venue: they think of everything! And this Halloween is no different with the haunted house of senses, a sexy alternative to more family-friendly options. Interactive art installations blend with performance and Halloween music as you discover your secret twisted fantasies.

Bellydancers, demons, and tarot card readings will be sure to get you into the spooky spirit. Embody the theme of the day with a burlesque costume. It takes place on October 24th. More information here.

Which event do you want to go to? Comment below!

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