10 Different Ways To Accessorize With Necklaces

10 Different Ways To Accessorize With Necklaces

Ready to accessorize your wardrobe with necklaces? Necklaces are the perfect way to add a touch of personality to your outfit. From layered looks to statement pieces, there are so many ways to wear necklaces. Here are 10 different ways to accessorize with necklaces that will help you stand out from the crowd.

When you think of buying a necklace, what factors immediately come to mind? Is it the size of the necklace, the type, how shiny it is, the color….? Your mind will be bombarded with all sorts of ideas! Then there is the question of where to buy a necklace?

How much are you looking to spend? Is it a must have? Can you settle for something you did not want in the first place if you do not get what you want? Are you looking for the original item, or an imitation that would pass for the original? Do you care…? Again, a million questions in your mind!

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Well, I can give you ideas on how you can wear necklaces that might help answer SOME of your questions. Here are 10 different ways to accessorize with necklaces.


1.) Pair a bold necklace with a bold pattern

The trick in doing this is to make sure that you keep everything else plain and simple. If you choose to go with a patterned top, settle on a plain skirt or trouser and vice versa. That way, you don’t look gaudy.

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2.) Get a sparkling necklace to add some freshness to your evening dress

If you are going out and are searching for ideas on how to accessorize a simple dress, get a statement necklace that is shiny but classy. This is especially helpful if you are dressing in one color, and need to add just a bit of oomph to your look. A beautiful gothic necklace will easily lend a bit of drama to your evening wear.

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3.) The length of your necklace does matter

Longer necklaces go very well with many outfits. If you are wearing a plain colored dress, a long necklace can make a statement for you. However, if you are a short person, a long necklace can cover your outfit, and so you might want to consider having it shortened. Or, you might want to stick to a short and mild necklace. 


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4.) Look for a necklace that can go from morning to evening


Ever been in a situation where you had to change your outfit at least two times in one day? Now you have to carry matching accessories for all your outfits simply because one would not work with both of your outfits. This can be a lot of work! You do not want to be in such a situation. The less baggage you have to carry, the better it will be for you and your peace of mind. Why not get a necklace that can go with as many of your outfits as possible?

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5.) Try matching your necklace color to one of your outfits

Look for that outfit that you particularly like or that you wear the most. Then get a necklace that matches it perfectly. Chances are that you will have a similar dress in your closet that you will want to wear with the necklace. This will in turn reduce your chances of buying many other necklaces, saving you some money!

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6.) Mix multiple necklaces every now and then

This can give you a very interesting look depending on the occasion for which you are mixing the necklaces. Try blending colors or beads, play with the length of the necklace, and get creative!

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7.) Go for a metal necklace to make a statement

If you are looking to make a statement with your outfit as a whole, then by all means let your clothing do the talking. A simple gold or silver necklace will accent the style without stealing the show. Of course you can match this with a similar bracelet and earrings for a perfect look.

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8.) Pair a bib necklace with a round neck t-shirt


This will make the necklace look like part of your favorite t-shirt or pullover. It’s a classy way of looking good, even during winter!

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9.) Match a bright dress or top with a bright necklace!


Some people get this right, others simply do not. Bright colors make us look young. But you have to be very careful what bright colors you choose. Get a bright necklace to go with your dress and you will be the center of attraction!

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10.) Have at least one traditional African necklace in your wardrobe

Africans are known to mix a variety of colors in outfits and even jewelry! What better way to accessorize your perfect little black dress than with an African necklace that has multiple colors that could match everything else you are wearing?

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Are you a fan of necklaces? What tips would you suggest to someone unfamiliar with accessorizing? Leave your comments below!

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