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10 Mind Blowing Back Piece Tattoos - Epic

Riley Davis Updated: 03-01-2019
10 Mind Blowing Back Piece Tattoos - Epic

Tattoos are a powerful means of self-expression. And whether that inner self is seeking artistic or rebellious expression, the fact remains that tattoos are addictive. The growing cultural acceptance of tattoos combined with media  coverage has resulted in an increase of tattoo related art and artists. But tattooing is more than just ink. It’s a culture of self and artistic expression for both the artist and the canvas. The movement of tattoo artwork has even carried over into clothing and fashion. 

Tattoo clothing and apparel provides a regular means of self-expression through classic forms of tattoo art and modern graphic designs. Mainstream tattoo prints comprise of various graphic images from the Japanese koi fish, to grime, to traditional animated portraits of people and animals, to manga and graffiti. Now there is a way to show your love of body art and express your rebel attitude without getting new ink every week, although you might love that. 

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Tattooed by MasterMike Inkfiendart




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