10 Street Style Trends From New York Fashion Week

10 Street Style Trends From New York Fashion Week

During New York Fashion Week, the city’s streets are a runway. Vloggers, photographers, editors, designers and A-list celebrities all dress to impress. They mix and match outfits, which show off their personality and style.

From what we have observed, the street style was a mix of summer and fall fashion trends. It was a hot September day, but that did not stop fashionistas from layering. Some of the best looks were from trends, which took us back to the 70s or 80s. Some were glittery and metallic, while others took a more modern take on some of the past season’s style trends. But, despite the variety, these trends all have one thing in common: the fits were easy breezy and the outfits were comfy. So, expect to see extremely tight outfits go out of style. 

While not all of us are blessed to watch these fashion shows, you can certainly dream. Or, you can check out the trends and stay in style. From what we discovered, the key to this season’s street style is to stand out. Shiny and bright is the main rule to follow. Plus, it is smart to mix and match mixed prints, bomber jackets, wide trousers, metallics and graphic tees. If you want to know more tips for New York’s street style, then here are the trends that you should definitely adopt:


1.      Graphic Tees

New York Fashion Week Street Style - Stock Up on Graphic Tees


If you thought for a moment that graphic tees were over, then think again. Time and time again the trend always manages to make a revival. Its continuous existence can be attributed to its personal touch. After all, we wear graphic tees with messages that we believe in or want people to know. Whether it is parody or a social cause, graphic tees can always make a statement.

This season, expect to see shirts with Hillary Clinton quotes or #BlackLivesMatter. If you are less into politics and more into parody, then check out House of Holland. Their tees feature fun but perverted quotes about models and designers. For example, "Give Us a Toss Karlie Kloss" or "I'd get on all fours for Michael Kors."


2.      Ultra-wide Leg Trouser

New York Fashion Week Street Style - Wide Pant Legs are a Must Have


Skin tight is so last season. For fashion icons like Karlie Kloss, comfortable laidback designs are the way to go. In fact, at the Carolina Herrera show, the supermodel stole with a cropped tee and wide-leg trousers. Not so far behind was Gigi Hadid, who solidified the trend with her own version.

So, why are sexy supermodels, in love with trousers that have laughable proportions? Well, contrary to popular belief, these oversized bottoms help make your stomach thinner. The trend is worn with a crop top, which shows your abs or a part of your flat stomach. Since the proportions of your trousers is exaggerated, it helps make your upper body look a lot smaller than it actually is. So, if you have large thighs, then there's need to panic. This season you can slay at work with these ultra wide leg trousers.


3.      Pleated Skirt

New York Fashion Week Street Style Must Haves - Pleated Skirts

The Guardian


For the past few weeks, pleated skirts have popped up in catwalks and the red carpet. So, it is no surprise that our favorite street style stars stole the show with pleated skirts last NYFW.  What makes this trend such a hit is that the pleated skirt is a photogenic dream in 3D! Metallic or otherwise, its allure is in its ability to move gracefully against the wind. To slay the trend, pair it off with a plain top or a bomber jacket. Afterward, go to work and conquer the streets!


4.      Track Pants

New York Fashion Week Street Style Top Trend - Track Pants


There is no need to struggle to be stylish. In fact, this season is it is all about comfort. So, say goodbye to tight body-con dresses and hello to loose-fitting outfits. And, what better way to celebrate leisurely comfort than by reviving the track pants trend! No, we are not talking about your sweats from high school.  Think track pants made of silk, adorned with prints and in Adidas style. If you need a little more convincing, then check out the debut of the trend in Wang's SS17 show.


5.      Layered Dress

New York Fashion Week Street Style Must Haves - Update a 90s slip dress with modern layer options


This season, we have seen an upgrade the 90's layered dress look. Remember the plain white tee paired off with a silky slip dress? Well, they are going to be everywhere on the streets, either with whimsical shades or mixed prints. 

Last fashion week, it looked as if some of our influencers have adopted the trend. Elaine Welteworth donned a silky slip dress, pulling it off with a leather jacket and mirrored sunglasses, while Caroline Issa tapped into its bohemian direction and styled her pink maxi dress with flat sandals and sunglasses.


6.      All-Out-White

Spotted New York Fashion Week Street Style -All White Outfits


Last NYFW, fashionistas conquered the intense heat of the sun. According to what we have observed, the all-white ensembles might have done the trick. Street style stars like Giovanna Battaglia and Kate Foley’s all-white ensembles kept them fresh and fab. But, they were not the only ones. The famous faces of the 2017 Presidential Elections have also adopted the trend. From Melania Trump's White Roksanda dress at her infamous Michelle Obama speech to Hillary Clinton's white pantsuit at the DNC— all the way down to Michelle Obama's full-length white dress at a state dinner in Singapore— it seems that the trend is here to stay. 

You can pull off the trend by pairing off-white outfits that have exactly the same shade. The most popular types of outfits are breezy dresses, voluminous blouses, or ultra wide trousers. But, remember to play around with textures. If you are wearing wide white trousers, then pair it off with a white crop. To accessorize, finish the look with mirrored sunnies, white chokers or a handbag. In case of a fashion emergency, ALWAYS carry an instant stain remover.


7.      Mixed Prints

Mixed Prints were a huge New York Fashion Week Street Style


When it comes to mixed prints— what are the two rules you have to follow? Rule 1: The more, the merrier. Rule 2: The brighter, the better. If you need an example, then look no further than Nicole Miller's Spring '17 Collection. Her standout piece is a dress with Colombian and Panama patterns.

The key to pulling off this trend is to experiment again and again. Mix up light and dark florals, boho prints and faux tribal motifs. Or, play with shapes by wearing outfits with multicolor geometrics or zig-zag print mixes.


8.      Pink

New York Fashion Week Street Style- Pink Is In!


When in doubt, wear pink. Not the kind of pink outfits associated with princesses and Barbie dolls, but punk pink. Think Giovanna Battaglia's metallic pleated skirt with a matching shirt that reads, "Pink as F**k" and Flare Fashion editor's Preetma Singh's neon pink windbreaker last NYFW. With these rockin examples, whoever said that pink was such a girly color?


9.      Voluminous Blouses

New York Fashion Week Street Style Must Haves - Puffy Blouses


Another trend from the streets of New York are flowing sleeves and puffy shirts. This comes as no surprise since voluminous tops add a bit of fluidity to any outfit. Plus, it is a great alternative if you have skipped the gym. Just tuck in the blouse, and no one will ever notice.


10.  Embellished Denim

Embellished Denim - New York Fashion Week Street Style


The 70s are back with the with a bang, according to NYFW. From Gucci's embroidered denim jacket, to Nicole Miller's denim jackets layered over print maxis— all the way down to the streets of New York. Fashion influencers like Sarah Owens tapped into the trend by wearing a Canadian tuxedo with splashes of color, while Alessandra Codinha's floral high-waisted jeans were embellished with florals. With so much denim all-around, you might be wondering how your worn out jeans started to look so classy.

Before denim, made you look like a rebellious tomboy. While it still adds a more boyish look, the embellishment and crochet certainly add a sweet and daring touch. Plus, it is the casual outfit that can be worn anytime and anywhere. Though unlike before, denim can now be found on the runway. 

The streets of New York were certainly a landmine for fashion trends. Some of the outfits were certainly throwback trends, which were modified for the modern times, while others were shiny and a bit futuristic. It was a very interesting mix. Now, that you have a better idea of the season’s trends, then it is time to go shopping.  After all, when it comes to the street style trends, you can never go wrong.


Got any more street style trends that you would like to share? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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