11 Of The Craziest Halloween Parties Worldwide

11 Of The Craziest Halloween Parties Worldwide

Halloween is a time for spooky fun and festive celebrations! If you're looking to take your Halloween festivities to the next level, check out these 11 of the craziest Halloween parties around the world. From NYC to Tokyo, get ready to experience the wildest and most unique Halloween parties you'll ever encounter. So grab a costume and let's get ready to party!

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the biggest party nights of the year. This year, think about ditching the house parties and stepping your game by attending one of the biggest, craziest Halloween parties around! We've taken the liberty to go ahead and compile a list of some of our favorites to give you a little bit of a headstart.




BangOn! Halloween Party





1. BangOn! Warehouse of Horrors- New York City, New York

BangOn! hosts a multitude of parties around New York, but the most anticipated event is undoubtedly their annual Halloween bash, Warehouse of Horrors. There is a core group of amazing aerialists and performers to roam through (and above) the crowd, and the atmosphere is part haunted house, part rave. Adding to the atmosphere is the fact that the location is kept secret until the day of the event, making the lead-up couple of days extra exciting and mysterious. There are a multitude of stages featuring live music, DJ's, and special performances. If you're in the right area, this party is a killer option.




Regression Sessions Halloween Party




2. Regression Sessions Halloween Special- London, England

This party gets bigger and bigger every year, with tickets often selling out completely a full two weeks before the event. There's also a strict rule mandating that you be in costume to attend, so this definitely isn't a last minute 'hey, let's go out tonight' kind of gig. They make sure to have an amazing list of things to keep partiers engaged, including photo ops, themed rooms, and games. If you live in London, this just might be the ticket.



Nightmare on M Street Halloween Party





3. Nightmare on M Street- Washington, D.C.

This massive street party may seem like it's pretty tame, but that's only really while the sun is up. After dark, it becomes a massive costumed bar crawl, with 33 bars and more than ten thousand partygoers participating in this year's festivities. Buying a ticket nets you a wristband once you check in at one of the appointed bars that will get you all kinds of drink specials at each stop on the crawl. Because of the crowds, though, it is highly recommended you go in a group to make sure your experience is more enjoyable.




Silom Soi 4 Halloween Party




3. Silom Soi 4 Halloween- Bangkok, Thailand

Silom Soi 4 is a major gay hotspot in Bangkok, and if you're looking for a killer party, this is where you should be. It isn't just for the gay crowd either; this is the biggest Halloween event in Southeast Asia! This party inevitably spills out of the individual clubs and turns into a street celebration, so prepare to mingle with some fascinating people. Many of the bars and clubs will team up to theme decorations up and down the street, and there are always great specials to be had. The best part? Encountering the horrors that present themselves in other cultures- don't expect any bedsheet ghosts here!




Halloween Party in Limoges, France




4. Halloween Festival- Limoges, France

Historically, France is pretty new to the whole Halloween thing. Since 1996, however, the city of Limoges throws a massive parade that draws 30,000 spectators every year. Around this, the bars, clubs, and restaurants have parties of their own, enabling visitors to make their own pub crawl to enjoy the evening and the delicious offerings of the city.




Amsterdam Spook The Monster Bash Halloween 2015




5. Amsterdam Spook- Amsterdam, Netherlands

Put on by a group of people obsessed with all things Halloween, Amsterdam Spook features a ton of awesome artists, performers and DJ's. Another event that consistently sells out, this year's theme is The Monster Bash, which celebrates classic movie monsters and rockabilly style. Check out their website for some cool makeup workshop dates, because if you're not dressed up, you're not getting in!




Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival




6. Banks of the Foyle Hallowe'en Carnival- Derry, Ireland

The largest Halloween celebration in all of Europe, more than forty thousand revelers turn out for this weekend of fun and frights. There's plenty here for everyone in your family- even the kids, which is unusual on this list! Parades and fireworks mark the start of the real partying, and the whole town gets in on this shindig. The requisite pub crawls are of course top notch- this is Ireland, after all- and if you plan on going, you'd better book soon, as hotels get filled up fast.




Salem Witches' Ball at Halloween





7. Salem Witches' Ball- Salem, Massachusetts

If anyone is going to know how to do Halloween right, it's going to be Salem. Known the world over for their Witch Trials during the Puritanical portion of American History, the city is now a haven for witches of all kinds. Halloween is when they really go all out, though, with a full roster of events including a psychic fair, seances, dinners, and especially their masquerade ball. This year, dress to impress for the Dance of the Tarot, and go as your favorite Tarot-card inspired character. This is a very formal and extravagant event, and is a must-see for anyone who loves the occult.




Drop Dead Festival in Berlin




8. Drop Dead Festival- Berlin, Germany

This underground festival starts on Halloween and continues for the following five days, showcasing fifty-plus of the weirdest and greatest bands you've never heard of. Add a healthy dose of independent designer fashions, art installations, and constant parties, and you have a recipe for an amazing holiday. Bring a Halloween costume to kick off the festivities the right way, but be sure to bring a few more outfits-with all that art around, this is definitely the time to dress to impress.




Anne Rice's Lestat Vampire Ball




9. Anne Rice's Vampire Ball- New Orleans, Louisiana

Goths everywhere already know about this event, but for those of you who have a soft spot for vampires and don't know about this- you need to pack your bags. This decadent party is in its 27th year, and attracts a plethora of celebrities and ingenues alike. This year, Anne Rice herself will be making an appearance (which isn't something that happens every year). A bonus for that weekend is UndeadCon, which celebrates all things that should be in their graves but aren't. Vampire attire is certainly encouraged, and this is indeed a ball- long, formal gowns are very much encouraged. Go Victorian to really make a splash.




The Bloody Sexy Weekend in Prague




10. Bloody Sexy Weekend- Prague, Czech Republic

This weekend of debauchery kicks off the day before Halloween, allowing for a warmup party to make sure everyone is in the right frame of mind. This also gives you the opportunity to meet some new friends to entertain yourself with at the main event the next night! In its seventh year, this party takes place in a three-level nightclub and is a crazy, sexy, fetish-themed gathering of 5,000 that is sure to give you plenty of crazy party stories that will be hard to top.




Fetish Fantasy Ball in Las Vegas




11. Fetish Fantasy Ball- Las Vegas, Nevada

7,500 attendees help us to round out this list with just as much sexiness as you can handle. If anywhere is going to do a Fetish Fantasy Ball right, it's going to be Sin City, Las Vegas. And they do it oh-so-well! Giving some of Halloween back to the adults, this event aims to push the boundaries on every kind of fetish you can imagine. Held at the hard Rock Cafe and Casino, the venue sports four rooms of glam, kink, and costumes that keep the party going all night long. Underlining the adult nature of this party, it's strictly 21+ and is in its 20th year of indulgence. This party isn't for the faint of heart-expect to see plenty of skin (just shy of nudity, which is not permitted) and lots of fetish-themed performances by some of the best in the business.







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