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13 Things You Hated As A Kid But Love Now

Kelsey Foster Published On: 29-07-2016
13 Things You Hated As A Kid But Love Now

Back in the day, there was a list of about 278 things that you hated as a kid. Any of these situations or items could simultaneously cause temper tantrums, mood swings, and eyerolling into the next dimension. Granted, some of those things are still horrible, but here are 13 things you despised as a kid and (maybe) love now.


1. Naps

Okay, this one is obvious, but there's honestly nothing that beats a nap now that you have actual responsibilties. You know, work, school, adulting, and all of that "mandatory" nonsense. It seems like an 8 hour day at a desk job tires you out more than you ever were after running around at recess, so a snooze for an hour 2 (or 5) never felt so good.  




2. Sleeping in/ Going to Bed Early

Coinciding with naps, comes sleeping in and going to bed early. As kids, there was probably something drastically wrong if you hadn't woken up before 8 AM, and bedtime was a temper tantrum trigger. Now adays, on the weekends or any days off that you have, clocking in early is just about the best thing since sliced bread. And sleeping in? Don't get me started on how blissful that feels.


3. Baths and Showers

Bless our parents for putting up with us every time we needed a bath as a kid. Now, it seems like I can't ever get enough relaxing bath time or hot showers. Bath bombs, shower gel, and body scrub pretty much top my wishlist for the holidays and I get excited any time I walk into the bath section of a store. Is taking a shower three times a day too much? I'm just asking for a friend.


4. Not Having Anything To Do

"I'm booooored" is probably the most popular saying for anyone under age 10, but today we can't get enough down time to ourselves. A free night? With nothing to do? Movies, food, online shopping, and comfy clothes are practically calling our names.


Wiffle Jif


5. Interest in Boys/ Girls

I remember the days when it was embarrassing to admit that you had a crush on someone. Like, how could you? Do you even KNOW about cooties? Gross. Now adays, Tinder is one of the most downloaded apps for anyone over the age of 16. Talk about turning tables.


6. Documentaries

Does anyone else love scrolling through the documentary section on Netflix? Just me? Animations are still awesome and all, but it's nice to nerd out over an alien documentary every once in a while.




7. Healthy Food

Ah, the modern days of green smoothies and kale chips. During your childhood, nothing except for Hostess cupcakes and Little Debby cream- filled cookies could satisfy your cravings. And now, you can probably think of multiple occassions where you've ordered a salad for lunch. Voluntarily. 


8. Trying New Foods

As a kid: "If it's green, slimy, or squishy, I'm not eating it."

Today: "Can you pass whatever that is?"

The up side of new experiences is coming across new and interesting foods from different cultures. Granted, I still order chicken tenders and fries out at restaurants sometimes.


9. Being Organized

As a kid, we never ever cleaned up our toys and chores were equivalent to a death sentence. Being organized now is the main thing that keeps you sane, and if you can color code your entire office, you will. 




10. Shopping

"Mom, weren't we just there last week?" Yes Jimmy, and we're going back now. Whether it was clothes or grocery shopping, having to go to any retail store (when we weren't getting anything out of it) was pretty much the bane of our existence. Now, we go to the mall every other day to see if there's anything new.


11. Finishing Dinner

Key Oliver Twist's catch phrase, "Please sir, may I have some more?" As kids, we rushed through dinner and claimed to be full just so we could get to dessert faster. Now, we eat 2 servings and THEN eat dessert. Just saying, we really learned to have our cake and eat it too. 


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12. Your Siblings

If you're fortunate enough to have siblings, you appreciate them a lot more now that you aren't fighting over who locked who in the basement. You still argue, but it's not quite to the degree of hitting, pushing, and screaming like you used to. Of course, they still steal your stuff and it's pretty much their job to make fun of you.


13. Sports

As a kid, I can very vividly remember telling my friend I was going to sign up for community soccer league with her and I never showed up, because why would I force myself through that? Growing older and being exposed to more sports (and actually playing), it becomes a part of who you are. So even though you still despise lacrosse practice every so often, it's wayyy more fun now than it was when your parents signed you up.


What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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