15 Best Phone Cases On Rebels Market

15 Best Phone Cases On Rebels Market

It seems now like it’s hard to imagine a time when people functioned without mobile phones and social media technology at our fingertips. The speedy development of telecommunications over the past ten years has been particularly significant. The smartphone boasts unlimited capabilities for applications to streamline our daily tasks wherever we are. Alexander Graham Bell would barely resemble his original invention today. 

Now, not only do we all own a personal device that is more highly developed than the ‘brick’ of the 80’s, it can do almost everything our computer can do.  Each generation of smartphone technology upgrades and transforms itself every year, and technology has fast become fashionable.

We now customize our smartphones with cases not only with traditional plastic shells, but with hardware that transforms the shape and function of the device. Below, are my observations on the fashionable and popular images on smartphone cases and the 3D, wacky and out of the box cases all available on RebelsMarket. Most cases shown here are iPhone 5 cases, but there are options available for smartphones of all sizes and make.

Popular Imagery:

Annabella—Gothic Girl.

This is probably my favorite phone case available on RebelsMarket. An eye-catching design, bright colors, and a classic goth girl – what's not to love about this cute gothic case from Black Market Art Company?

Bride of Frankenstein—All Men Are Savages

A must have phone case for classic horror film fans!

Police Phone Box/Tardis

Dragonswain Designs brings us this subtle but funky design. Any Doctor Who fans would be sure to not go past this tardis case.

Creative Floral Skull

Beetshop bring us another stylish floral skull design – perfect for the girls. 

Black and Red Gothic Tartan Pendant

A little bit punk, a little bit goth and a little bit steampunk – if you like all of these things smushed together, get your hands on this stunning Gothic Toggs phone case.

Silver Crown Phone Accessory

Not a case, but something to give your phone some serious bling! This cute silver crown will sit atop your throne/phone. Give your phone the royal treatment!

Wood Grain Batman

One for the boys. Another fantastic case from Best Shop. Cool Batman logo set on a wood effect background really makes this design stand out.

Jeweled Purple Damask

A classic damask design with some bling attached. A sophisticated design for discerning Goths. Available in several colors, but the purple is my favorite.

Bonita — Woman Skull Holding a Gun

A fun skully artwork which is well suited to a phone case. A comic painting featuring tattoo inspired design that says ‘tough chick’. Designed by Dave Sanchez and brought to life through the Black Market Art Company, the Bonita case is one of the best alternative art cases out there.


Case Design/Hardware:

Why not try a case that changes the shape of your phone? It’ll definitely be unique!

Lord of the Rings Purple Plastic Rings

Are you a phone destroyer? Never drop your phone again with these plastic LoTR rings. 

Melting Chocolate Case

Just… yum! Enough said.

3D Skull Bling

This is the most blinged-up phone case you will find on rebelsmarket. Dramatic and eye-catching and even a little bit sophisticated – this skull phone case is a treat for the eye!

Wallet Style Magnetic Snap Clip, Gold Skull

A wallet-style case to cover your phone screen and act as a discreet purse. 

Embroidered Steampunk Soft Case


A soft case design in the popular steampunk style. Something a little different, a soft fabric case to protect your phone. Something extra to take away the hardware look of a large smartphone. 

What covers your smartphone?