15 Reasons Tattooed Moms Are Awesome

15 Reasons Tattooed Moms Are Awesome

Are you a mom who loves tattoos, or a mom who loves someone with tattoos? Whether you have tattoos or not, it’s hard to deny that tattooed moms are pretty awesome. From their unique style and confidence to their commitment to self-expression and resilience, here are 15 reasons tattooed moms are something to celebrate.

Moms come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and backgrounds, but no matter what, our mothers love us unconditionally. While the word on the street toward tattooed moms has been negative, you have to realize that they are just like any loving, caring, and devoted mother out there. Tattooed moms have a lot of love to give, and there are of course many reasons they are absolutely amazing.

Tattooed Moms are the best!

Some of those reasons tattooed moms are awesome are:

1.) She has pretty pictures on her skin.

Some moms like makeup, other moms like ink; the results are usually the same, beauty. Our mothers are beautiful, no matter what they wear or what they may think when they’re frazzled. A tattooed mom has taken the time to allow someone to draw on her skin in such a way that her life story is etched out on her.

2.) She probably has one or two tattoos as tributes to her kids.

Most tattooed parents have a piece or two that pays tribute to the most important people in her life, her kids. This is a mark of her devotion to her children, and an always-present reminder of why she does what she does every day, to make sure her little ones are safe, happy, and healthy.

3.) She is just as loving as any other mom.

Tattooed mothers love their children, just like any other good mother on the planet. Her children are her reason for doing everything and she shows it to her children every opportunity she has.

Moms with ink are awesome!
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4.) She is accepting and brave.

She will accept people for who they are, no matter what they look like. She is also brave because she faces the day no matter what criticism she may get for her life choices.

5.) They are patient.

She had to be patient to get her tattoos completed, through a painful and uncomfortable process. But, she stuck with it, just like she will stick with being a good and patient mom in trying times.

6.) They give you confidence.

Like most moms, a tattooed mom will do their best to boost the confidence of her children. But, since she has had to wear her tattoos against adversity, she will be an expert at teaching her kids how to be confident in who you are, and being true to yourself, no matter what.

Confident moms raise confident kids.
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7.) They will support most of your decisions.

Tattooed moms are going to support their kid’s decisions, so long as that decision couldn’t lead to her children being hurt. They will let their children make mistakes, and allow them to choose for themselves.

8.) They’re creative and free spirited.

Most tattooed moms are free spirits who harbor within them a deep creativity; whether their creative knack is for scrapbooking, crafting, painting, or making every day a little bit brighter for their kids.

Angelina Jolie is a celebrity mom with tattoos

9.) They comfort you when you’re sad.

Just like any other mom, a tattooed mom will be there to hug and kiss her kids when they’re feeling blue.

10.) They make sure you’re fed.

Tattooed moms will always make sure their children are fed, home cooked meals, meals out on the town, and family dinners are going to be number one priority when a mom is making sure her kids are cared for.

Moms multitask.

11.) They make sure you’re clothed.

Moms of all kinds, even tattooed moms will make sure their children are clothed. The only difference is that a tattooed mom may allow their kid to have a little bit more freedom when shopping for tattoo clothing, allowing them to establish their own creative look.

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12.) They make sure you’re loved.

Loving you is a priority for all moms, even a tattooed mom will make sure that their children know that they are loved unconditionally, even if she is having a bad day. A hug from their child is all it takes to melt the heart of any mom.

13.) They’ll show you how to have fun.

Whether it’s going skating, riding bikes, art projects, or going out on the town, tattooed moms will participate in fun activities with their kids.

14.) They make sure you’re safe.

Safety of their children is absolutely important to any mom, and tattoos don’t change that. They will always make sure their kids are safe, happy, and healthy.

15.) They will always be your mom.

One of the things you can take solace in, is that even a tattooed mom will be your mom forever. With their love, light, and support, their children will never want for a better parent than her. 

Mom's love is eternal.

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