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15 Ways to Maintain Your Alternative Look While Pregnant

15 Ways to Maintain Your Alternative Look While Pregnant

It’s extremely difficult to want to dress up when you’re pregnant, especially when you’re in your later trimesters. While pregnancy is an absolutely beautiful thing, and women are even more beautiful for going through it to bring the love of their lives into the world, it’s no secret that it’s uncomfortable.

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Wearing your own clothing may work for a while and sometimes it may seem easier to throw on a smock and call it a day rather than taking the time to adhere to your personal fashion sense. But, you have to know that you will feel better if you maintain your edgy or alternative look, even when you’re beginning to show.

1. Buy stretchy tops or over-sized tank tops.

While many maternity stores will give you options on stretchy or flowy tops, they may not always fit into your personal tastes. This is why buying stretchy or over-sized  graphic  tank tops can help you in your pursuit to remain uniquely you, even while pregnant. Tank tops are comfortable, come in many colors and sizes, and can often times be found with bold edgy prints on them.

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2. Coats & Jackets to layer over tops.

If you’re feeling a little self conscious about showing off your bump, you can help to camouflage it by wearing a jacket over your favorite tops to help create a break in your silhouette. Coats work well in the cooler months, and sometimes may not be the best option when it’s too hot out, when you’re in the heat of the summer, try a sheer shrug over the top of a tank top for some added layers. 

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3. Wear bottoms that rest below the waist line.

This is the time you want to pull out those low-rise or hip hugger pants, especially if you don’t want to rush out and buy super-stretchy jeans that you’ll only use for a couple of months. Remember, this will also depend on how low you’re carrying when you’re pregnant, but, many women can get away with this while pairing it with a tunic top.

4. Leggings with skirts.

Pairing leggings with skirts will help you to get more support and coverage even throughout the third trimester.

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5. Buy clothes with at least 5% spandex.

Buying clothing with at least 5% spandex will allow it to stretch around your pregnant tummy.

6. Flowy dresses.

There’s nothing more comfortable than a flowy dress while you’re pregnant, especially one that has a little extra room for your stomach to grow.

7. Turn short dresses into tank tops.

If you’re a fan of tops, but don’t want to have to go buy new ones, you can use your shorter dresses as make-shift tops while pregnant.

8. Tunic shirts.

Tunic shirts are always in style, especially when you’re pregnant. The extra long length of tunic tops will ensure that your entire stomach is covered.

9. Alternative accessories.

If you find that you’re having a hard time finding alternative clothing that fits while you’re pregnant, try accessorizing your outfit with a little alternative flair.

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10. Fun alternative prints.

Play with alternative prints while you’re pregnant. Wear a skull and crossbones pattern, a zombie, or even a fun graphic tank top.

11. Alternative flats.

Just like any other shoes, flats can come in many different styles, including your edgier and more alternative styles. While you may want to bust out your favorite pumps, it’s better to keep your feet on the ground while pregnant to give your feet a break.

12. Leg warmers.

Leg warmers paired with a dress can help to keep you warm during the cooler months, while creating a bit of an edgy look.

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13. Belly belt.

If you are hard pressed to buy new pants, you can use a belly belt to extend the closure. They come in different colors and sizes to help you maximize the width of your pants.

14. Broad Belts.

Set a broad belt just above your baby bump to accentuate the beauty of your pregnancy.

15. Maxi Dresses.

Maxi dresses with long or short sleeves are definitely for the more daring, but, if you want to show off your pregnancy, there’s no better way. 

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Have you ever had to dress a baby bump? What tips would you add for expecting mothers? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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