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19 Awesome Victorian Slang Terms You should Know

Belle Morte Published On: 19-03-2015
19 Awesome Victorian Slang Terms You should Know

Slang terms aren’t just a staple in this day and age, they have been around for as long as we have had languages to speak. They can be short, or long, or may even seem absolutely off topic, but, some of the most interesting slang terms came from the Victorian era. But, the 19 most awesome Victorian slang terms are:

  1. Tight as a Boiled Owl.

This Victorian slang term means to be drunk. “I was tight as a boiled owl.” This may be a Victorian slang term that we should revive from the grave, it’s fun, sassy, and is an elaborate way of describing how it feels to be three sheets to the wind.

  1. Quail Pipe.

This is another term for a woman’s tongue. “I kissed her, but there was no quail pipe.”

  1. Bitch the Pot.

Pour the tea. “Can you bitch the pot already?” I don’t know about you, but I don’t like waiting for my tea, I’d use this term almost daily.

  1. Tallywags.

Tallywags is another term for testicles. “She kicked him right in the tallywags.”

  1. Cupid’s Kettle Drums.

Cupid’s Kettle Drums is a term of endearment for boobs, or breasts. Breasts are no doubt amazing in their own right, but this Victorian slang term takes the cake from modern day terms.

  1. Dash My Wig!

Dash my wig is an exclamation of surprise. “Dash My wig! You don’t say?”

  1. Tatur-Trap.

Tatur-trap is slang for mouth. “Hush your tatur-trap.” This may seem a little bit more crude than even telling someone to “shut up.”

  1. Bit O’ Jam.

A bit o’ jam is a very pretty woman. “She was a bit o’ jam.” They’re all over the place, beautiful women. But, I can’t say that they’d care for having this slang term resurrected.

  1. Neck Oil.

Neck oil is another term for beer. “He drank too much neck oil.” Or “Let’s go out and enjoy some neck oil.” This is definitely a rougher name for a beverage that is still loved by many.

  1. Cackle-Tub.

The cackle tub is a pulpet. “It’s easy to say that, when you’re up on your cackle tub.”

  1. Inexpressibles.

Inexpressibles are a man’s trousers. “Go put your inexpressibles on.”

  1. Gas-Pipes.

Much like skinny jeans vs. jeans, Gas-pipes are tight trousers. “He has on his gas pipes.” It seems that we may need to find another term of endearment for skinny jeans.

  1. Gigglemug.

A gigglemug is a warm and smiling face. “I have always loved your gigglemug.” This may be a term that some may even use today, even if they don’t understand the Victorian roots.

  1. Tickle our Innards.

Tickling our innards is to have a drink. “Let’s go tickle our innards.” I know plenty of people who would agree that going out to drink is very much like being tickled from the inside out.

  1. Beer and Skittles.

Beer and skittles are good times. “Her life is like beer and skittles.”

  1. Mutton Shunter.

This is an alternative name for policemen. “The mutton shunters are coming!”

  1. Bags O’ Mystery.

I’m not so sure I want what they were having, Bags O’ mystery was another term for sausages. “Can you pick up some bags o’ mystery for dinner?”

  1. Bow Wow Mutton.

This is a naval term for bad meat that may as well be dog meat. “I don’t care for this bow wow mutton.” I don’t know many people who’d want to eat meat quite that bad, but the slang term is one that we may need to bring back.

  1. Bubble Around.  

This is a verbal attack which is usually made via press. “He was bubbling around against his attacker.” This is a bit of a softer term for arguing or verbally attacking them, it may not stand the test of time, but could be used in jest with your friends. 

What other slang terms should we add to the list? Post your comments below