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20 Life Lessons to Learn From Game Of Thrones

Belle Morte Published On: 08-04-2015
20 Life Lessons to Learn From Game Of Thrones

No matter who you want to see on the Iron Throne; there's no denying there are lessons to be learned from those seeking to rule.

Life Lessons from Game of Thrones

1. If you can read, you will survive. 

Knowledge is indeed power in the world of Game of Thrones, and the same can be said for our everyday world.

2. Wine solves problems.

Whether it’s meant to make you relax or just cut the edge off of a serious talk, wine can solve anything.

3. Don’t manipulate women.

Even your most innocent and seemingly sweet women can find a way to turn that manipulation right around on you. It’s best served for you to be up front and honest.

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4. Everyone must die, no one is safe.

Of course as you’re watching Game of Thrones, chances are, your favorite character will find their death at some cruel fate. Unfortunately, this also rings true with real life, we’re all headed toward this fate at some point in our lives.

5. Don’t play with fire.

Fire is bad; it can ruin everything, for everyone. Of course if you’re a trained professional there is some exception for you.

6. You should be leery of weddings.

They’re not only stressful but can be deadly in certain circumstances. Make sure you’re marrying the right person or you may find a fate worse than death

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7. Winter is coming.

This is especially true for this past year; it seems everyone who is anyone has seen the white stuff in the past few months. Hunker down and keep warm.

8. Pet names for everyone!

Pet names and nicknames are a good way to keep your name out there. Whether they’re something you like or not, someone will surely never stop calling you by your nickname.

9. Pay your debts!

No, really, pay them. Getting ahead of the game and keeping your head above the financial water is absolutely important to enjoy a comfortable life.

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10. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

This old wives tale holds some truth to it. If you keep your friends near at hand, you’ll have someone at your back. But, if you keep your enemies closer to you, it’s easier to see the knife before it’s embedded in your back.

11. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

While this should be a known fact, not everyone practices honesty on a daily basis. A promise you don’t keep can catch up to you later in the game, it’s best to shoot it straight while you can.

12. A single word holds a lot of power.

But, try not to wear it out

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13. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

If someone’s helping you or giving you an opportunity, don’t shirk it or you may lose it permanently.

14. People do insane things for love.

Pushing someone out of the window? Being beheaded? Why not, if you love them, they’re worth it, right?

15. Dogs (or wolves) are man’s best friend.

They’ll protect you and love you at your weakest moments

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16. Know when to keep your mouth shut.

If you feel the urge to open it, sometimes it’s best to just be quiet rather than respond. This has saved us all a time or two.

17. Trust only those who earn it.

Trusting someone too quickly can sometimes leave you wondering what happened, and not in a good way.

18. Gut feelings hold weight.

Go with your gut, check with your mind, and then follow your heart only if they’re all aligned.

19. Families are complicated.

We love them, we really do, but sometimes they can be an insane network of people you wouldn’t normally associate with. But, at the end of the day, they’ll have your back no matter what.

20. Mother knows best,

Even if her children are dragons. 

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