27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

Summer is a time for adventure and fun, but it can be gone in the blink of an eye. If you want to make the most of these precious summer days, here are 27 exciting activities to do before the season ends. From outdoor excursions to creative projects and cozy nights in, there’s something here for everyone. So get ready to make some memories and have the best summer ever!

1. Visit a State or National Park

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: visit a national park

You don't need to live near Yosemite to visit a park that qualifies as a state or national park! Look up the closest one to you and take a little road trip for a fun hike.

2. Go to the Beach

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Go to the beach
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This one is pretty obvious, but it can slip your mind if you don't plan a beach day! Whether you're going for just the day or booking a cheap Airbnb to stay at for the weekend, take some time to watch the waves.

3. Go on a Camping Trip

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Go Camping
My Harriman

Round up your friends, pack a tent, and pick somewhere to go camping! Be sure to remember all the necessities for a great weekend surrounded by nature- including but not limited to unlimited s'mores ingredients.

4. Do a Day Trip with Friends

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Road Trip!

Whether you're an indoor or outdoor person, you can find a place to go for the day that makes everyone happy. Head down to the water, off to the mountains, or just drive to an unknown destination with the windows down and music up. 

5. Go to a Drive- in Theater

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Outdoor Movies
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If you don't have a drive- in theater near you, check for places that do special outdoor movies for the summer. Plan to go with a big group or with your significant other for a fun date night.

6. Take a Boat Ride

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Take a boat ride

Find the nearest place with water and hop on a boat! From a kayak to a speedboat, the type of boat doesn't matter as long as you get out there. Plan to pack a light lunch to sit out on the water and eat by yourself or with a friend!

7. Visit a Water Park

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Visit a water park

A great alternative if you don't live near water- dig out your swimsuit and go to a water park for a fun day of slides, tubing, and swimming.

8. Buy Cheap Sports Game Tickets

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Go to a Game!

Head to a ball game with your date, family, or friends with discounted tickets! Even if you're high up in the bleachers, it's a great activity to get you out of the house and do something different. Plus, you can eat ice cream out of plastic baseball caps. 

9. Go to an Outdoor Concert

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Outdoor Concerts

Visit an outdoor venue or go to a local concert in the park. Bring a picnic blanket and wear a fun sundress to maximize the experience ;)

10. Do Something Touristy in Your Hometown

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Be a tourist in your hometown


Everyone has at least one thing that they haven't done in their hometown. Now's the time to do it! Go to that coffee shop, take that typical Instagram photo, and you may just find your new favorite place!

11. Go to a Farmer's Market

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends:Go to a farmers market
Dallas Farmers Market

It's actually pretty enjoyable to visit a cool marketplace. Rise and shine to some fresh fruit, vegetables, and treats from your local farmer's market. Bring a bag and fill up on some delicious food all while supporting your local farmers!

12. Hit Up the Local Fair

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: A day at the fair
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During the summer, there is most likely at least one county or state fair near you. Take a trip with friends to go on rides, see some farm animals, and eat the most unhealthy, delicious food.

13. Stargaze

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Stargaze

Mackenzie Region

Something particularly good for a date is stargazing! Whether you're at the beach or in your back yard, you can lay on a blanket or sit in a hammock to find the constellations with that special someone. In my case, that special someone can be my dog.

14. Have a Picnic with Friends or Family

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Have a Family Picnic

National Picnic

Stay at home in your yard or go to a cute park for a picnic lunch or dinner. Have each person bring one thing and enjoy a variety of food while you soak in the company!

15. Go Somewhere New- Even if it's Close!

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Go Somewhere New
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That neighboring town you've never been to? The new store that just went in the plaza down the street? You don't have to fly to a new place to do something just a little different! 

16. Buy Something Cool from a Thrift Shop or Vintage Store

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Visit a Thrift Shop

If you're heading back to school or work after the summer, this is the perfect time to buy something unique to wear throughout the fall! Hit some thrift stores or vintage shops to find some cute vintage outfits. Remember - something old can be something new to you.

17. Learn New Drink Recipes

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Make Cocktails
Cruise Critic

Mocktails or cocktails, the choice is yours. Check out Pinterest for some fun and refreshing drink recipes to have with or after dinner!

18. Sleep Outdoors

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Sleep Outdoors


String up your hammock and plan to sleep out under the stars! Just make sure to wear layers to avoid bug bites.

19. Plan a Barbecue 

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Plan a BBQ

US by us

Invite the extended family and celebrate just for the heck of it! Getting everyone together for a family barbeque is also the perfect excuse to make some delicious eats! Meats, fresh corn, and potato salad - what's not to love? Just saying.

20. Make Cold Treats

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Make Cold Treats
I Heart Naptime

Homemade ice cream, refreshing ice pops made from fresh fruit... the choice is yours! Make it into an afternoon activity and customize your cold treats to have after dinner. Or before, we're not the dessert police.

21. Volunteer at a Local Charity

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Become a volunteer

Give back to a cause that you're passionate about! Volunteer a few hours or a day to a local charity. Homeless shelters, camps for kids, and the SPCA are just a few ideas.

22. Book a Last- Minute Weekend Trip

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Book a last-minute trip

Look up some good deals online for hotels or Airbnbs to go somewhere last- minute. Take some friends, your significant other, or just go on your own! 

23. Try a Fitness Class

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Try a Fitness Class


I love to have a workout routine, but sometimes it gets too hot in the summertime to exercise outside. Try a fitness class at the gym like dance, yoga, spin, or swimming to get your sweat on, comfortably. 

24. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Treat Yourself!
Ritz Carlton

Get your hair or nails done or go for a facial or massage at a spa nearby. Some personal TLC is always a good idea, especially if you've been stressed!

25. Wake Up Early to Get Coffee and Watch the Sun Rise

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Watch the sun rise
Nataly G

Brew a cup at home or head to your favorite coffee joint (that opens really early) before going to watch the sunrise.

26. Print Out Your Favorite Photos

27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Make a photo album
iPhone Photography

Living in a digital era, we often forget to print out photos from family vacation or trips with friends. Make the time to print out your favorite photos to put into an album, or (if you have a penchant for home decor) invest in some picture frames and decorate your house with them.

27. Do Something That Makes You Happy

 27 Things to Do Before Summer Ends: Be Happy!

No matter how big or small- take the time to do something that makes you HAPPY this summer! Remember, enjoy it while it lasts!

What's your favorite thing you've done this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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