3 Alternatives To The Little Black Dress

3 Alternatives To The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a classic and timeless fashion staple that has been a staple in women's closets for decades. While the little black dress is an enduring classic, there are many alternatives that can offer just as much style and sophistication. From bold colors and prints to unique silhouettes, here are three alternatives to the little black dress to update your wardrobe.

In the world of fashion, there are certain staples that can be relied on no matter what your style may be. Never has this been more apparent than in the success of the iconic little black dress. For decades, women have been relying on their inner Audrey Hepburn to survive every occassion.

Stop relying on your little black dress for every event.


While it is nice to have a reliable option when you are in a rush, it is also nice to have the option of standing out in a crowd. When everyone is wearing a uniform of cute black dresses, you could steal the spotlight with one of these easy styling options.

1. Invest In A Red Dress

The color red is associated with power, love, and energy; meaning you will feel incredibly confident and sexy in any crowd. Much like the little black dress, a sexy red dress is easy to style for multiple occassions.

* For Valentine's Day, turn up the heat with tall platform boots and dramatic gothic jewelry. This look is easy to recycle at Halloween by adding a cute devil horn headband!


A red dress is perfect for every holiday event.


 * For Patriotic Holidays, like Memorial Day and 4th of July, embrace an explosion of color. Mix in galaxy print leggings, patterned shoes, or color block in standard shades of red, white, and blue. Turn up your patriotic glam with bold makeup and nail designs.


Get colorful for patriotic holidays by mixing a red dress with blue and white accessories.


* For Winter Holidays, like Christmas and New Year, consider going long. The dress cut will determine the level of formality for your look. If your parties have a theme, choose your accessories to fit the dress code and finish with a fun white jacket to keep all eyes on your party dress


For winter events, layer a white jacket over a red dress for an edgy festive feel.


2. Reinvent The Power Suit

In the 80s, power suits were all the rage. Women created extreme teased hair styles and dramatic makeup styles to soften the boxy, traditionally masculine look of this fashion staple.

For a more modern take on this gothic look, consider even menswear is developing more shape to their suits. Find blazers and jackets that have shape and pants that are super slim or have a wide flowing cut. Don't be afraid to check the mens department, particularly since current coats have a more uisex cut. Layer over a sexy corset to enhance your silhouette and give a touch of edge to your outfit.


The modern power suit for women gives an air of sexy confidence.


3. Rock Out In Leather Pants

Leather pants are a classic look for fans of Rock and Roll but you will want to trade in your favorite band t-shirt for a more elegant top to make this style a go-to replacement for your little black dress. Add a sheer blouse or lace top to give a romantic twist to your outfit. You can up the sex appeal by choosing a sultry Victorian corset as the top for your rocker look.

Swap your little black dress for edgy leather pants.


So what do you think? Is it time to retire the little black dress? Leave your feedback in the comments below!


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