Easy Ways to Transition From Summer to Fall Fashion Without Breaking the Bank

Easy Ways to Transition From Summer to Fall Fashion Without Breaking the Bank

Saving money while looking great in a new wardrobe just in time for fall is not always the easiest thing to do. There's clothing and accessory staples you should always have in your possession: this includes trusty black jeans, a quality leather (or faux leather) motorcycle jacket, fishnets and ankle boots (perhaps decorated with studs or buckles).

Otherwise, it's not as hard as you might think to achieve a new look without breaking the bank. Follow one or a more of these ideas to achieve maximum fashion looks with money to spare!

1) Go Through Your Closet

How to Transition from Summer to Fall Fashion


Raid the very depths of your closet and make a few piles. One with items you've worn in the past year, one containing items you want to wear but just haven't for one reason or another, and finally, a pile of clothes you're ready to let go of.

Now that you've organized your clothes into specific groups it's time to get busy. Out of the clothes you've worn in the past year, what's missing in your collection and what do you need the most? Do you have way too many shirts and not enough skirts for work? Try to be focused on what you need for your fall wardrobe and try not to buy more of what you already have when shopping. It's all about the basics and knowing what you need. 

2) Get Creative!

Transition from Summer to Fall Clothing: DIY Fashion


Now with the clothes you like but haven't worn in a while, why haven't you? Is it because the color is off? Is it a bit out of style? What you can do to fix these items is take on the punk spirit of DIY.

If certain items fit and are in good condition you can give them new life by dyeing colored items to black, bleach splattering black ones or add patches and buttons to clothes for a subtle lift. It's also simple to chop old band shirts into crop tops and also to distress them. There's plenty of YouTube tutorials on these easy DIY hacks if you're feeling crafty.  

3) Get Rid of Clothes You Don't Want

Transition from Summer to Fall Fashion: Donate Clothing to Charity

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And for that third pile you're willing to part with, try taking nicer items to consignment stores or places like Buffalo Exchange. Know that at this time of the year, they're looking for jackets and colder weather clothing - it's good to keep that in mind. Some places even offer a free service for donating clothes to the thrift store so you don't have to! You can also get credit to use at these stores which can be a wise choice if you think you can find items there that works for you. 

4) Have a Swap Party

Transition from Summer to Fall Fashion: Have a Swap Party

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One of the most fun ways to get a new wardrobe is to throw a clothing swap party with your friends. Make a Facebook event and invite your fashionable friends - tell them to bring a bag of clothes they don't want anymore for the swap pool. Someone's trash is always someone else's treasure! On top of finding new threads, you can have a few drinks and snacks with friends which makes everything better in the end. 

Also check out our guide to thrift store shopping, one of the best ways for a unique - and affordable - new look. 

What other ways do you refresh your closet for fall? Comment below! 

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