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40 Years Of Goth Style In Under 4 Minutes

Steph Simpson Published On: 18-04-2017
40 Years Of Goth Style In Under 4 Minutes

It's interesting to see how the gothic subculture has changed and evolved over the years. You only have to take a look at the short video above to see just how fluid gothic fashion and style really is.

70's Punk Goth

Arguably, the goth fashion that we know today was born out of the 70s punk movement. As you can see from the video, this dark aesthetic begins with punk-rock influences; fishnets, safety pins and of course a ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude. 

Siouxie And The 80's

As we move into the 80s, gothic fashion solidifies its own identity, pioneered by Soiouxie Sioux and her own fearless look. It was all about wild eye makeup, glam-rock touches and BIG hair.

90's Romance

The Mid-90’s 'romantic goth' is arguably the most widely-recognised look from the gothic subculture, with long flowing Victorian style gowns, pale skin and dark makeup. It’s interesting, therefore, that during the same decade – the cybergoth subculture came to fruition. Where romantic goth favoured the darkest shades of black known to man, cybergoth fashion places more emphasis on neon colours, platforms and UV paint.

NU (Millenium) Gothic

By the turn of the millennium, the definition of gothic fashion gets even more muddy, with the introduction of gothic Lolita fashion, steampunk styles, gothic pinup, pastel goth – and what some people may recognise today as NU Goth. From watching the video above, it's likely that what we know as 'gothic fashion' will likely change again with time.

But even though the subgenres of gothic style are constantly changing and evolving, they all share a common theme: badass looks that boast the ability to stand out from the main crowd, while fitting in with your own.