If You think these Are Real Animals, Look Again. No 4 Is A Masterpiece.

If You think these Are Real Animals, Look Again. No 4 Is A Masterpiece.

Look closely; these images are not what they seem! Turning the human body into a dynamic canvas, the art of body painting has grown rapidly over the past 20 years, gaining popularity and acceptance along the way. Contrary to their title, body painters don’t use actual paint in their work, but high grade makeup. Like any other medium, themes run the gambit. Some artists turn their subjects into chameleons, while others transform them into free standing sculptures. Competitions and festivals take place worldwide that cater to body painters of all levels of ability. The World Body Painting Festival is held annually in Pörtschach, Australia and features some of the most talented body artists from across the globe.


No. 1

human parrot


No. 2 Johannes Stotter Body Art Painting Masterpiece - Tree Frog, by Stoetter, made up of five human bodies. Stoetter was rewarded the 2012 World Body Painting champion, and is internationally known for his artistic  & creative skills with skin on human bodies. 

No. 2 johannes stoetter frog body painting masterpiece

Check out this stunning body paint video of the moving frog 


3. Alexa Meade realistic body paint

Alexa Meade realistic body paint

4. Artist Trina Merry Blue Car made of People & Bodybuilders

Artist Trina Merry Blue Car People Bodybuilder

5. Amazing body paint 3d snake


Craig Davies 3 D Snake Boa Body art

6. Craig Tracie Tiger Body art painting

Craig Davies Lion Body art

7. Susanne Daoud Gottesanbeterin Body ArtSusanne Daoud Gottesanbeterin Body Art