7 Steps To Get The Best Summer Beach Body

7 Steps To Get The Best Summer Beach Body

Summer has started, and for those who have procrastinated up to this point- it's time to get into beach body mode! If you want to look like the super- unstaged Victoria's Secret model in the photo above, just keep reading. Follow our seven simple tips to achieve the best body for hitting the beach!

1. Have a Workout Schedule

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To prepare for your beach body, you should have a workout schedule for each day of the week. Some people like to break it down into cardio, weight lifting, and targeting different parts of your body each day. However, there are some amazing workout routines that fashion magazines and trainers won't tell you.

One: chase after dogs to pet them. This is a personal favorite, just because it's so rewarding. Once you sprint for a few seconds, you instantly increase your heart rate and probably work off a calorie or two, so whatever. That's better than nothing, am I right? Plus, you get to pet a fluffy ball of cuteness, so there's really nothing better than that.

Another amazing workout is seeing just how fast you can eat a pizza by yourself. Another personal favorite, because you can amp up the difficulty level by adding more toppings. It's pretty much equivalent to turning the treadmill to a higher speed or the elliptical machine to a higher resistance. 

2. Stay Hydrated

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As always, you should drink a lot of water. Since the body is made mostly of water, this makes sense. However, it's also important to have a sufficient amount of protein in your diet. For this reason, I suggest having milkshakes. If you're not into dairy, it's totally cool- try almond or soy milk instead. Trying different flavors really works out those taste buds, so be sure to keep up with this one. The cold temperature also helps to maintain your body temperature, so you're not as much of a sweaty mess in the heat. Win, win situation.

3. Watch What You Eat


Carbs? Dessert? Oh, yes. You see, doctors have proven that a balanced diet is necessary for weight loss and maintainence of a perfect beach body. Trust me, because I just told you a doctor said so.

To get the perfect beach body, make sure you balance your diet to include the necessary amounts of bread, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, and ice cream. This food guide will keep you on the path to sustaining a balanced diet that includes veggies (the spices in your mac and cheese), protein (chicken nuggets), ice cream (dairy), and carbs to keep you going. 

4. Catch Up on Sleep

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It's proven that your body needs 8 hours of sleep to maintain a healthy body and mind. But don't feel confined to these limits- go for 9, 10, or 11 hours. You can catch up on sleep just about anywhere if you set your mind to it- the train (as long as you're not the conductor), in bed, or even with your face resting on a piece of delicious bread. I believe in you. 

5. Set Goals

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The ultimate tool of getting a beach body is to set goals for yourself. While you could set goals about the number of calories you want to eat in a day or the amount of time your workout has to be, you can also set goals such as:

- Have fun at the beach instead of worrying about any imperfection your body may have.

- Realize that your body is an amazing vessel that has carried you through your entire life, and it deserves respect.

- Know that you will not look back on photos in the future and say, "Wow, I wish I was 5 pounds lighter." You'll be cherishing the memories made in those photos, not the state that your body was in.

- Come to terms that every body is a beach body. You don't need a flat, toned stomach or super- strong calf muscles to look amazing. Happiness and confidence radiate much further than any physical part of your body will. 

6. Take Your Measurements 


It's important to keep note of your body measurements to track your progress. The most important element to keep in mind is your state of mind! On a scale, how happy are you on a day- to- day basis? Here's some tips to maximize your measure of happiness!

- Do one small thing every day that you love. Play your favorite game, eat your favorite food, go to a new place, see a friend, hug a cute animal. Something very simple can actually have a great impact on your feelings!

- Read a great book or watch a funny TV show. Anything that will lighten the mood and make you laugh.

- Spend time with the people you love- friends and family have a natural way of bringing positive vibes to your life.

7. Have a Strong Mentality

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You can do anything if you set your mind to it. By now, I'm sure you've realized that this article is meant to say that you are already perfect the way you are! If you have goals to reach a different version of your body, be sure that you are doing it for a healthy reason and that you are taking care of yourself! Do not feel like you need to measure up to unrealistic standards on magazine covers and ad campaigns. Remember that if you are at the beach and you have a body, you already have a beach body. Now go out, embrace it, and make memories!

Do you have any other tips for achieving the "perfect beach body?" ;) Let us know in the comments below!

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