8 Stupid Things People Say To People With Tattoos

8 Stupid Things People Say To People With Tattoos

1. Why did you get your tattoos? So that you can ask

Cute girl with tattoos

2. What happens when you grow old?   I'll be an old guy with tattoos

Tattoos look awesome on old people

3. I don't like tattoos myself.  Who cares if you do? 

Tongue Tat

4. Wow! I wouldn't get a tattoo. Is it on your body?

 Beautiful woman with ink

5. But what does this tattoo mean?  It means nothing

 Tattoo comic

6. If doesn't mean anything; why did you get it?  So that stupid people like you can ask

Steampunk ink

7. Would you date someone without tattoos?   I don't date stereotypes.

Tattoos for Two

8. Did it hurt?  I don't know; Try and stick a pin in your ass and tell me if it hurts

No pain; No gain

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Tattoo Fashion

How many of these questions have you heard? Leave your comments below!

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