Amazing Top 20 Dog Costumes. A Must See

Amazing Top 20 Dog Costumes. A Must See

Known as our best friends, many of us like to dress up our four legged friends. From TV characters to fun characters, we all love seeing a dressed up animal, especially dog. We have compiled the cutest and best dog costumes out there. With Halloween being this close, get some ideas to let your dog in on the fun. 



2. Thriller

3. The Wizard

4. Dog Vador

5. Smurf Dog

6. Wrecking Ball

7. Banana Split

8. Police Dog

police dog costume

9. Cha Cha Cha!

10. Batman and Superman

11. Hippie Dog

12. Pirate Girl

13. Wonder Woman


14. Dracula

15. Skeletor

dog costumes

16. The Incredible Hulk

17. Drag Dog

18. Captain Hook

19. Devil Dog

20. Tiger

Some of these are easy to make at home, while others are abit more complex and need you to take a trip to the costume shop. Whatever way you are going to dress up your dog this Halloween, the looks on their faces tell it all. 

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How are you planning on dressing up your dog this halloween? Please comment below. 

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