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Are You Really A Rebel?

Teri Bildstein Published On: 30-03-2015
Are You Really A Rebel?

Rebel. Radical. Instigator. Troublemaker. Misfit. Freak. 

Chances are, you have had at least one of these labels tossed your way.  Which is pretty ironic if you think about it.   By nature, doesn't a Rebel reject classification?

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For the most part, it is agreed that Rebels are those who shirk society’s attempts to make them conform. They proudly hold their ground against oppression and insist on displaying their own individuality

We asked our fans on Facebook how they define a Rebel -

Tyler summed up the thoughts of many with his definition -

Someone who has their own morals, their own rights, and their own beliefs. It doesn't matter what any law, person, or book tells them, because they will always follow what they believe to be right. Those who remain true to themselves without giving in to any form of pressure, know what true freedom is.

The ability to stand alone and not back down was a sentiment echoed by most of our responders.

As Steph stated -
Some one who fights for what they feel to be right even if they have to stand alone. Some times all it takes is one. One thought, one body, one action, one voice, one. So take that stand, be that voice. Our future can only change of we set our minds to do just that. Educate yourself. 

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So where does RebelsMarket fit in with the notion of Rebellion?

First of all, we love your spirit.  There are times we won't agree with your exact mission but we totally applaud your efforts to fight for what you believe in.  Whenever possible, we want to provide a platform to address the topics that are important to you.

Second, we love your style. Nobody should feel the need to cloak their individuality. We want to provide you fashion and decor that allow you to express your spirit to the world. 

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As Lynette stated, a Rebel - 
Doesn't follow the rules of society in terms of fashion; how it is expected of you to act because of the stereotype they have for your age, weight, and race; caring of what others think of you when you really shouldn't give a flying swine fuck; expressing yourself; doing what is right for your well being; and we are the do gooders of society even if many don't think so.I mean come on. If we didn't have rebels, the world would be a utopia for the dumb, the boring, and the blindly following sheep. 

Rebel Hunter Thompson
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Third, we love to hear from you. Let us know what is going on in your world. What do you want to see more of at RebelsMarket? What events are on your radar? What standards do you feel the need to Rebel against?

Did you miss our first call out on Facebook? Do you agree with what the other Rebels are saying? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.