Best Fashion Resolutions For 2020

Best Fashion Resolutions For 2020

January 1st often brings with it a desire for self-improvement, and many people come up with a New Year's Resolution in hopes of bettering themselves. In contrast, January 15th typically brings with it an end to diets, workouts, and budget plans because major lifestyle changes are difficult and complex.

So, what can you do if you want to pursue personal betterment? Choose a smaller, more specific goal instead. You don't have to try to overhaul your entire diet and exercise program to look better next year, just choose one or two of these easy resolutions to improve your look instead!

Know Your Size

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This is a hard one. Between vanity sizing with some clothing labels and the natural variance that comes with mass produced clothing, knowing that a dress or shirt with your size on the tag will fit you is not a given.

The first thing you need to do is figure out your measurements. Specifically, you need to figure out your actual measurements - don't suck in your stomach or stretch out your neck while you measure! Once you know your basic measurements it will make it easier to buy clothes that fit, especially when shopping online, where sizing charts are commonly displayed to help you make sure you purchase the right size.

Now that you know your measurements, the most difficult part is accepting what your measurements are and shopping accordingly. Don't buy something that is a size smaller because you feel like you're too big, and also don't buy something that is too big and just hangs off your body. Think of clothing as porridge for bears - you want the one that is just right. 

Having clothes that fit your body is important - whether it's boots to fit your calves, or shopping for the perfect fitting jeans. Not only do clothes that fit you properly make you look great, they also help you stay super comfortable. Clothing that fits won't squeeze or pinch when you move and it won't be so big that it weighs you down or impedes your movement. Knowing your size is an excellent tool for improving your look in 2020.

Keep It Clean

Laundry is never a fun chore, but keeping your clothes clean and well cared for is an important part of looking (and smelling) your best. Luckily, there are several tips and tricks to helping make laundry day simple and effective.

First, separate your whites from your colors. Washing everything together is easier, but whites typically need hot water and occasionally some bleach to get rid of stains and colors typically need cold water to prevent the dyes in the fabric from bleeding out. If you basically wear nothing but black it makes laundry day a whole lot easier, which is just one of the many benefits of living a Goth lifestyle.

You will also want to choose your detergent carefully. You might want to choose a detergent specifically made for dark clothes to help keep them from fading. You might have other priorities as well, like choosing an environmentally friendly laundry detergent, in which case you'll want the mildest possible detergent to help keep your darks their darkest.

When washing your clothes make sure to follow the instructions on the label, otherwise you might end up with a sweater that now fits your little sister's dolls instead of you.

Sew It Up

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Keeping clothes in good repair is important. Strategic holes and tears as part of the distressed clothing aesthetic of a garment is awesome, but holes and tears due to regular wear needs to be repaired if you want to keep your favorite outfits for years to come.

Missing buttons, lost sequins, unraveled ribbons, and other clothing mishaps can take a look from fabulous to mediocre, but these are all very simple repairs. A needle, thread, and a helpful online instructional video can help you keep your wardrobe in top shape.

Learning to sew is a relatively simple thing that can reap big rewards when it comes to keeping your clothes presentable. Developing this skill in 2020 can keep you looking fabulous all year long!

Go All Out

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Now that you know how to choose the right size clothing, clean it properly, and how to keep it in good repair, you are ready to start adding to your 2020wardrobe. Make this the year to really embrace who you are and use your clothing to share your fabulous self with the rest of the world!

If you are Goth, choose this year to really do it up big. More leather! More corsets! More black lace! Steampunk aficionados, now is the time to add more cogs and goggles to your ensembles. Whatever fashion you love, love it big this year.

Add accessories this year to take your look over the top, whether that means a small pentacle necklace or a full set of black feather wings. Make 2020 the year you put your own fabulous spin on your look.

What fashionable resolutions are you making in 2020?

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