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Best Yule-Themed Tattoo Ideas On Pinterest

Rachael Brennan Published On: 21-12-2018
Best Yule-Themed Tattoo Ideas On Pinterest

Everybody loves the holiday season, and many people want to etch that love right onto their bodies, but how do you choose the perfect Yule tattoo? There are hundreds of possibilities, from small, understated symbols and nature images to large, complex images of the gods and goddesses associated with the season.

If you are looking for the perfect picture there is no better place to go than Pinterest. However, because of the sheer size of the platform, you could spend days falling through the Pinterest rabbit hole and still not find exactly what you want, so we've rounded up some of the best Yule tattoos and images Pinterest has to offer to give you a jumping off point for your search.

Noble Nature Tattoos

For most pagans, a profound love and respect for nature plays a large part in their religious beliefs. This is true of the holidays as well, which are based on seasonal changes and lunar cycles.

If you're looking to embrace the environmental side of the holidays and embrace your pagan roots this yule, maybe you should do that by choosing a tattoo of a plant or animal that is associated with the season. You'll end up with some exquisite body art and, as a bonus, you can choose what kind of statement you want to make when you pick your tattoo.

You can choose something boldly pagan that proudly shares your love of Yule with the world, or you can choose something less obvious so you have some plausible deniability when coworkers or family members you don't necessarily want to know about your religious beliefs start asking about your tats. 

Watercolor style: Best Yule-Themed Tattoo Ideas on Pinterest

This adorable cardinal  tattoo from the talented people at Tattoo Blend is an excellent choice for someone looking for something tiny and tasteful. Even your grandma who hates tattoos wouldn't have much to say about this adorable little winter bird.

Yule-Themed Tattoo Ideas

On the other end of the spectrum, this stunning stag design from Purple Moon would be an excellent way to wear your faith on your sleeve (or your calf or shoulder) and share your love of Yule with everyone who sees it.

Best Yule-Themed Tattoo Ideas on Pinterest: Pagan tatoos

For people who want big, bold body art that doesn't scream about religion, this tattoo of pine tree branches and pine cones from the lovely  Olga Nekrasova is an excellent option. 

Gods and Goddesses

Best Yule-Themed Tattoo Ideas on Pinterest - Pagan fashion

If, on the other hand, you want something big and unapologetically pagan on your body, these are some fantastic images of the gods and goddesses associated with Yule.

These are just two of the hundreds of options to choose from on Pinterest. There are plenty of images to choose from; whether you are looking for watercolor tattoos, line drawn designs, black and white styles or full color images to choose as your next tattoo! We just feel that these two stood out from the crowd.

Yule art tattoo designs and ideas for pagans

This full color image of the Horned God posted by The Pagan Sphinx is an incredible piece of art. If you are looking for something traditionally pagan and exceptionally suited for Yule you won't find anything better than this!

Yule tattoos

For people who are looking for something bold in black and white, this fantastic illustration of Frau Holle from Carolyne Merick is absolutely perfect. Frau Holle is thought to be one of the inspirations for the modern-day Santa Claus legends, so she would be an excellent choice for someone who wants a Yule themed tattoo.

Christmas Crossovers

Yule tattoo


Many pagans grew up celebrating Christmas, and still more choose to celebrate Yule as a religious holiday and also celebrate Christmas as a social or cultural holiday with their friends and loved ones. If you celebrate Yule but also keep Christmas close to your heart there are tons of tattoos that do an excellent job of representing both holidays.

Holly: Best Yule-Themed Tattoo Ideas on Pinterest

This fantastic holly tattoo from Cafe Mom is a great option for people who want a tattoo that works for both Yule and Christmas. Holly is traditionally associated with both holidays, featured in Christmas songs and decorations all around the western world as well as being a Yule staple, as anyone who has heard the story of the Oak King and the Holly King can tell you!

Best Yule-Themed Tattoo Ideas on Pinterest

For people who want something a little more specific, this reindeer by Blurmark does an excellent job of representing both holidays. The actual reindeer itself is not a traditional Christmas reindeer image, pulling it more toward the pagan side of things, while the red nose clearly indicates this is an image of Rudolph. This tattoo is a perfect choice for someone who loves both winter holidays.

Holiday-themed tattoos can be an excellent way of keeping your favorite time of the year close to your heart every single day. 

What are some of your favorite ideas for Yule tattoos? 

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