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Body Positivity: 5 Summer Self Love Tips

Kelsey Foster Update on 27-06-2018
Body Positivity: 5 Summer Self Love Tips

During the months leading up to the summer season, we're bombarded with magazine cover messages like, "How To Achieve The Best Bikini Body", or "How to Lose Weight Fast For Summer". But if you've got a body and you've got a cute bikini, don't you already have a bikini body? It's time to stop letting the media control both male and female standards for what our bodies should look like, and just be confident in how we already look. Here are some tips to think about before stepping outside and flaunting your favorite summer outfit or swimsuit to feel more comfortable in your own skin.


Love your bikini body - whatever shape it comes in!Image: Pinterest


1. Don't buy what everyone is wearing if it doesn't make you feel comfortable.

If everyone else is walking around in a neon orange string bikini but you prefer one- pieces, don't feel pressured to buy or wear something you don't like. When shopping for swimsuits, shorts, or summer tops, only purchase something if you try it on and absolutely love it. And if you don't love it, don't blame your own body. Each brand and silhouette fits every person differently, so don't be discouraged when something doesn't flatter your unique shape and size.


Feel great this summer with our body positive tipsImage: Style Mic


2. Disregard size numbers and your weight.

While it's important to keep your health in mind, it's also important to not let your clothing size get to your head. If you're not familiar with how clothes are made, each size varies by less than an inch. These means that the size difference between a 0 and a 10 is only about 4 inches of fabric, which is about the length of your finger. So if you're stressing about losing a dress size or two, do so only if you feel it will really benefit your body. Go about it in a healthful way to change your lifestyle habits, rather than going on a diet that actually isn't good for you. Along with clothing size, don't let your weight define you. Each body type is beautiful- don't feel pressured to gain or lose weight based on how celebrities or athletes look.


3. Know that magazine images are photoshopped.

Do not compare yourself to photoshopped models

Image: Arc Soft

*Gasp* Is the media really still photoshopping images of models to portray highly unrealistic beauty standards? The answer is yes. Chisled abs, large busts, no cellulite in sight- these are just some features that we see plastered across every advertisement we see. When it's all we ever see, we subconsciously begin to think that those body types are the only acceptable ones to have. News flash- they're not! Once photos are selected to be put into a magazine, there's a whole lot of photoshopping that comes into play. Lengthening legs, shaving off inches of stomach, adding or taking away curves, adjusting lighting, and removing stretch marks are just a few of very simple tasks on an editing programs. Long story short, don't let these images fool you. Cellulite, stretch marks... these are features that make you human and show your growth! No need to feel ashamed about that.


4. Stop comparing yourself to others.

You were created as an individual person, so embrace that! Every freckle and dimple makes your body unique, so don't be afraid to flaunt it. Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself that you look amazing, 'cause it's true.


5. Enhance your overall mood with mind and body exercises.

Exercise for a fit mind and body.Image: Yoga Loft


When you exercise, endorphins are released, which causes a positive emotion and a reduction of stress in the body. Whether it's a light walk, yoga, or a run in the park, try to get in at least a couple of exercises a week to boost your mood! When it comes to mental health, don't put your feelings on the back burner. Try not to focus on negative things and pay attention to what makes you happy. You'll notice an overall more positive perception of yourself when your mind and body are refreshed and rejuvenated with happy thoughts.


What tips do you have to stay confident? Let us know in the comments below!


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