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Business Owner David From Bumker Shop About French Underground Culture

Riley Davis Updated: 01-11-2019
Business Owner David From Bumker Shop About French Underground Culture

Salut, rebels!


I’m David, a designer, artist, and a dedicated non-conformist; the guy behind Bum’Ker Shop.


I came of age in the French counterculture of the 90s. French underground culture was pretty radical then. Fetish parties, illegal gatherings in condemned buildings -- wherever the scene was, I was there. I’d like to think time hasn't softened my edge. I survived the 90s and studied sewing and art for 3 and 4 years respectively. After school, I spent 10 years working in Paris doing graphic design for the fashion industry. At the same time, I did some freelance cyberpunk photography and kept working on my own painted and digitized art, which was heavily influenced by punk, erotica, and Japanese culture.


David from Bumker Shop Fashion French


How Bum'Ker started

Bum’Ker was born out of my frustration with the traditional fashion industry. I wanted style that was simple, concrete, and less expensive – so, I started my own company. I experimented a bit with screen printing but hated the print quality. The solution? I turned to my old sewing skills and started embroidering the designs instead.


So here's my dark designer label created exclusively for the rock, punk, goth, and tattoo aesthetic. The palette is endlessly dark -- blacks, dark grays and touches of red. Every piece, from our tees to varsity jackets, is made from heavy cotton for comfort and wearability and decorated with my original artwork in high-quality embroidery.


There are a lot of platforms for people who want to buy clothes designed by mommies to be worn by their little princesses. You're not there, and you won't find me there either. My background is a combination of street and skills, and Bum’Ker is the product of that mix.



If you'd like to see some of my artwork, check out Yonilab (that's me) online or at the Erotic Museum in Amsterdam.


In the meantime, stay strong, be creative, and try not to overthink your dreams. With action and time, all things are possible.


I would love to get some feedback from you guys, Please leve any in the comment section below.