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Can You Believe It Has Been Over 20 Years Since He Died?

Teri Bildstein Published On: 05-04-2015
Can You Believe It Has Been Over 20 Years Since He Died?

Kurt Cobain Memorial
Over the years we watch fads stand the test of time, come full circle to become retro, or simply fade into memory.

Less often, a new trend rocks the very foundations of society. The culture associated with a new influence is enough to change the way people look at the world and those who bring these impacts are forevermore regarded as rock and roll legends.

On April 4,1994, the world lost one of these rare icons. Like many members of the infamous 27 Club; Kurt Cobain’s death served to publicize the potentially fatal results of untreated depression and drug abuse. Unfortunately, many focus solely on the negative portions of his life and ignore the positive influence he had on the world.  

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Cobain and the other members of Nirvana were part of the grunge music scene that helped American youth express their disinterest in continuing the country’s tradition of plugging away to maintain the status quo. When Smells Like Teen Spirit first entered the airwaves; young people on the cusp between Generation X and the vague label of Millennials found a hero to display their boredom and angst with the culture they found themselves living in.  

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By helping propel a new style of music, fashion, and politics into the spotlight; Cobain was able to help a generation find confidence to express themselves as individuals. Those close to him have continued his path of creativity and overcome many personal rifts in the process.

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It is not hard to imagine the person most affected by the loss of this legend was his own daughter Frances Bean Cobain. Though her personal struggles have been visible, her own creative spirit has blossomed in recent years.

Frances Bean Cobain

Next month, HBO will premiere Montage of Heck.  This documentary was executive produced by Frances Bean and will feature previously unreleased music from Cobain.   

Can you believe it has been over 20 years since the death of Kurt Cobain?  Leave your feedback in the comments. 


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